Residence in lane 532, Yuyuan Road

Released on:2006-10-25


No.55 in lane 532 of Yuyuan Road is a villa with a total building area of 805 square meters. It was originally bought by Feng Zhi'an, a Kuomintang divisional commander under the 29th Army of Song Zeyuan, in the name of his wife, Shensui. Feng Zhi'an was once under the command of the Northwestern Army general Feng Yuxiang. After the Liberation of Shanghai, the People's Government took control of this villa.
No.61 in lane 532 of Yuyuan Road originally belonged to a Korean, Shen Guoquan. This mansion takes up a total area of 741 square meters while also featuring a garden of 559 square meters. In 1951, the aforementioned estate was taken over by the government.
No.67 in lane 532 of Yuyuan Road was a mansion with a total building area of 670 square meters. It once belonged to Chen Diaoyuan, the guardian of Xuzhou, a subordinate to Wu Peifu and Qi Xieyuan, generals of one faction of the Northern Warlords. After the liberation of Shanghai, this mansion was considered to be the property of Zhou Fuhai, and was dealt with as designated by the People's Government.