A Competent Bellwether in Grassroots Party Organization

Released on:2017-10-24



(Reporter: Huang Jingjing) At the beginning of the school year, teachers at Shixi High School sat around to share their book reviews. This is summer and winter vacation homework assigned several years ago by Fang Xiuhong, Sectary of the CPC Committee of the school. She said, teachers shoulder the important task of imparting knowledge and educating people, so they should love reading, read carefully and keep improving themselves, so as to update ideas, enrich knowledge, and increase wisdom.

Fang Xiuhong was rated as an outstanding Party worker of Shanghai in 2016. Many teachers said that Fang Xiuhong had a firm belief and a strong sense of innovation, and always focused on the big picture no matter what she did. As a bellwether in grassroots educational organization, she always focuses on the cohesion of CPC members and staff in the school, and effectively brings into play the role of CPC organization as a major political guarantee and a fighting bastion in the sustainable development of high-quality education at Shixi High School.

The school’s Party building serves a bridge between the Party and the people

“The Party building work of the school should be the bridge between the Party and the people.” As Sectary of the school, Fang Xiuhong knows that her primary task is to effectively implement the work of Party building. She carefully organized and implemented various massed learning and educational practical activities centering on the important thought of Three Represents, Scientific Outlook on Development, Party's Mass Line, Three Stricts and Three Honests and so on which were put forward by the Party Central Committee, promoted construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean leading group as well as the education of Party members, and explored and established long-term mechanism. In the meantime, she seriously carried out the system of “three meetings, one lecture”, and brought into play the ideological leading role of Party organization and Party members in the development of the school.

Fang Xiuhong also creatively planned theme-focused educational activities for Party members, set up Party Member Demonstration Post, encouraged Party members to become “Model of Teacher's Ethics”, “Pioneer in Educational Reform”, “Best Mentor” and “Service Star”, and brought the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members into full play.

The five Party branches of Shixi High School were set up in grade groups, thus Fang Xiuhong tried to establish grade’s core administrative group formed by grade leader, Party branch secretary and head of labor union group, so as to consolidate the ruling foundation of the Party, ensure the quality and efficient operation of education and teaching in all grades, and promote students' healthy growth.

Becoming close friends with teaching and administrative staff

“There is no knot that cannot be untied, and communication is the best bridge.” During summer and winter vacations every year, Fang Xiuhong always visits teaching and administrative staff, and makes every effort to help them solve current difficulties and worries about future. Teachers often say that Secretary Fang is their close friends.

Fang Xiuhong attaches great importance to team construction. She proposed four qualities teachers should have: ideal and faith, overall consciousness, affection for education, and dedication spirit. She designed and implemented the plan for school team construction, constantly optimized the "future school of famous teachers", and designed school-based training according to the demands of teachers at different age groups and different developmental stages: pre-work training classes for newly employed teachers; training classes of basic teaching skills for new teachers with professional experience at 3 years or below; and project seminars and research training courses for young and middle-aged teachers.

“Teacher's ethics are the soul of teacher's qualities. Only when teachers have outstanding professional spirit, can they educate and influence students in a better manner, and set good examples to students.” Through staff learning, selection for advanced individuals and groups, communication between the Party and the masses as well as other means, Fang Xiuhong actively carried forward righteousness at school, set up advanced models, spread positive power in school development, and guided Party members and teachers to practice core socialist values in educational reforms aiming to promote the development of the school and students.

Studying hard, practicing earnestly, and leading by example

Fang Xiuhong regards learning as a way of life. She always plays a leading role and leads by example when establishing learning organizations, and motivating teachers and students at Shixi to study hard and practice earnestly.

She actively participated in the courses of cultivation projects for famous teachers and principals in the district and in the city, and obtained Master’s degree in Education Administration through the study in Class for Principals at Education Administration School of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Additionally, she often participated in the Secretary class at Party School of Science, Technology and Education of Shanghai, the training class for principals on governing school by law and organized by Ministry of Education, as well as courses on concepts and management of IB programme, striving to stand at the front of the times to consider, serve and develop education.

Deeply affected by the culture of “studying hard and practicing earnestly”, she not only loves learning, but also puts into practice what she has learned. Since 2012, centering on the development vision of “from good to great” of Shixi High School, in order to promote students to “develop in a comprehensive and personalized way”, Fang Xiuhong and other members of the leading group led staff to actively carry out exploratory research and practice, thus effectively promoting the continuous deepening of course teaching reform and the comprehensive development of students in the school. Through pioneering practice and cooperative study, she has contributed to a series of innovation projects successively introduced by the school, including teaching in thinking square, mini-lectures, independent sunshine exercise, Mooc and Flipped Classroom, cultural travel and searching for alumni. In 2013, Fang Xiuhong was responsible for carrying out the pilot project of IB-DP International Courses at the school. She has made painstaking efforts to various brand-new processes, from project application to project management, from teacher employment to daily management, from curriculum setting to teaching practice, from student administration to teaching evaluation, and so on. Finally the project was successfully completed. Last year the school was officially authorized by IBO.