Siming Community in Jing’an Temple Sub-district Organizes Residents to Build “Beautiful Home”

Released on:2017-10-24




(Reporters: Xing Beilin / Photographer Yu Ruwen) “When I come home from work, the teacher Ms. Su of next door is cleaning the stairs with brush and rag! I am so touched that I would like to give you a thumb up.” Recently, a few pictures posted by Huang Yuling, Secretary of the General Party Branch, Siming Community, Jing'an Temple Sub-district, in WeChat Moments are becoming popular. In the pictures, a resident is cleaning the corridor with brush and rag. What kind of motivation is it that people here like to take care of public corridors just as they take care of their own homes? With this question, the reporter found the heroine of the photo—Ms. Su Weiling.

A volunteer who loves to clean the corridor

Su Weiling is living at No.15, Alley 488, Yuyuan Road. At nine in the morning, the reporter came to Ms. Su’s home according to appointment. Just entering the corridor, the reporter saw that Su Weiling, the same as the photos, was squatting on the stairs, cleaning the smudginess step-by-step with a brush, and then wiping with a dry cloth. “I'm a bit ‘neat freak’. I used to love to wipe around at home; now, as long as there is time, I love to do clean up the corridor.” She was a bit embarrassed to talk about her “hobby”.

The reporter learned that Su Weiling, who is 67 years old this year, retired to become a resident volunteer. Since the launching of the "Beautiful Home" campaign, Siming Community has completed a number of projects, including renovation of separating public kitchen and bath, refurbishment of pavement and interior and exterior wall, slope roof modification from flat roof, and replacement of wires and pipes. The community has taken on an entirely new look with a qualitative leap in corridors’ sanitary conditions. This makes the “neat freak” Ms. Su more enthusiastic. As long as she has time, she will squat on stairs for cleaning. Huang Yuling said that Su Weiling is suffering from heart disease. “I have repeatedly tried to persuade her not to keep busy every day, but she never listen.” “The CPC Committee and Government of Jing’an District have invested a lot for bringing tangible benefits to residents, such as the nice and clean corridors; therefore, we residents should pay active cooperation, contributing to the corridor sanitation.” In the interview, Su Weiling told the reporter that she just want to keep the corridor clean and tidy, and make everyone happier while going in and out.

Creating the “public garden” at own expense

Huang Yuling told the reporter, in Siming Community, there are many volunteers like Su Weiling. These “beautiful residents” make silent sacrifice to the community environment, so that more than 4,700 residents can have a good moon every day. “The people here are really beautiful. They decorate this community in their own ways regardless of pay and time.”

Rong Yeli, the team leader of Building 15, Alley 488, Yuyuan Road, is such a warm-hearted person. She not only serves as a “good neighbor” for residents in Building 15 as well as a “justice” for mediating neighborhood disputes, but also undertakes the dust alleviation work of “Lanwan Jiayuan” on her own initiative, taking care of this public space as her own home. After raining, she always mops up the ground in time to prevent the residents from slipping. “It seems that every time I see Rong Yeli, she is wiping stair railing, public light box, etc. with a rag. Huang Yuling told reporters that she admires good residents such as Su Weiling and Rong Yeli from the bottom of heart.

In the interview, Huang Yuling also showed the “public garden” to the reporter, which is green and beautiful. However, beyond the reporter’s imagination, the exquisite and beautiful garden is built by Hu Peimin at his own expense, costing 17 years in total. “Although I built this garden little by little, it belongs to all of us. It is worth my effort as long as people can have a beautiful rest area.” Hu Peimin said that he is only thinking of allowing residents to go out every day with a good mood.

The construction of “Beautiful Home” has renovated many communities thoroughly and distinctly improved living quality of residents. The “beautiful residents” of Siming Community has found the way to “last the beauty of home for long” through practices. “Wish a more beautiful home, a better community life.” On one hand, it is the original will of the CPC Committee and Government of Jing’an District to carry out the construction of “Beautiful Home”; on the other hand, it is also the common wish of residents like Su Weiling.