【A Good Team and a Good Leader】 Let 150 Thousand Residents Live a Warmer and More Graceful Life

Released on:2018-06-16


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu) Walking on Linfen Road (from Gonghexin Road to Lingnan Road), people are often attracted by the spacious and clean road as well as the neat and beautiful stores along the street. How many people would realize that it was once the location of the infamous Pengpu Night Market in Shanghai, a place with an abundance of unlicensed stalls as well as narrow and crowded roads forcing 8 bus routes to reroute? After years of fine management conducted by a team consisting of cadres from the Party and the government led by Ren Wei, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Pengpu Xincun Sub-district, it has become a model commercial street in Jing’an Community, often attracting relevant sub-districts and towns from different districts of the city to visit and learn from its experience. “Letting the 150 thousand residents living in Pengpu Xincun Area live a warmer and more graceful life is the inexhaustible source of strengths and the biggest wish sustaining the diligence and practical actions of our team!” Ren Wei fondly told the reporter the inner voice of himself and the members of the team.


Establish a Smart Platform to Enable the Residents in the Community to Live a Warmer Life


At present, Pengpu Xincun has over 46 thousand elderly people above 60 years old, accounting for 38% of the total number of the registered permanent residents, which makes it a community with a large aging population. Among them, there are lots of empty nesters living alone. When leading the members of the sub-district team to step into the residential area for investigation, Ren Wei learned that many elderly people, especially elderly people living alone, hoped to have a hotline that could provide them with all-round services on their daily lives and enable them to “get a quick response when they call for help”. To meet the demand, members of the sub-district team invited relevant departments to discuss the issue together, and eventually decided to integrate the fragmented services of various kinds to establish a smart platform for serving the elderly. The smart platform first installed exclusive service telephones with a red “call for help through a click” button equipped with a remote control free of charge for over 1,600 elderly people living alone, which have allowed the elderly to call the platform with one click if an accident occurs in their houses. Normally, the operators provide the elderly with a telephone care service for every 3 days. Meanwhile, the sub-district has also integrated over 130 suppliers to provide the elderly with convenience services of various kinds including household electrical appliance repair, house repair, unlocking and lock repair, simple repair and climbing machine. Each time, the sub-district supervises the services provided by the suppliers and conducts return visit to investigate service satisfaction, ensuring that the good deeds are done well, and the elderly in the community are enjoying high-quality and warm services.


Fine Management Makes the Residential Environment More Graceful


Founded in the 1950s, Pengpu Xincun once had an abundance of old public housing communities with weak infrastructure and lots of outsiders, which made city management very difficult. Facing the difficulties, Ren Wei and other team members including Zhang Jun, Chairman of the Sub-district Office, pooled everyone’s wisdom and effort and decided to leverage the opportunity of the management force and law enforcement force of some line departments sinking into the sub-district to integrate different forces into the City Comprehensive Management and Service Center, combining the works and functions of different parties, and solving the persistent problems troubling the citizens for many years including road markets occupying the spaces with stalls at Linfen Road, Wenxi Road and Pingshun Road. In order to implement all-covering management to the urban appearance of the areas under the jurisdiction of the sub-district and eliminate blank points in management, the sub-district team consisting of cadres from the Party and the government discussed and researched for many times, and launched an “all-element” fine comprehensive management platform last year. The platform involves multiple areas including greening and urban appearance, city management, house management, community security and market supervision. The management system incorporates all information about stores along the streets as well as residential communities, and 78 management items have been added on the basis of the existing 145 basic items, realizing a dynamic management mode combining the Internet and city management. Now, residents only need to take out their mobile phones and scan the QR code to easily complain about the problems of the stores and the communities. Through the “all-element” platform, the sub-district has realized fine management to the city, and many persistent urban appearance problems have been solved. Taking food safety as an example, the sub-district conducted “the strictest supervision” through the platform, realizing seamless linkage between supervision and law enforcement and creating the “Pengpu Mode” of food safety covering the whole city.


The Autonomy of the Residential Area Deepens Community Management


Starting from collecting ideas from the residents and motivating more community talents to engage in community autonomy, members of the cadres team of the Party Working Committee of Pengpu Xincun and Sub-district Office created conditions on the basis of extensive investigation and led the Party organizations and the neighborhood committee in the residential area to conduct autonomous management in the residential area. The sub-district also held an autonomous project plan contest themed “Community Stars ‘Plan for the Community’, ‘Smart Solutions’ Benefit Pengpu”, introducing professional social organizations and talents from the residential area to participate in planning creative projects. In order to strengthen the construction of the autonomous platform, the sub-district also gathered force to formulate The Operation Manual for the Autonomy Platform of the Residential Area of Pengpu Xincun Sub-district, providing a scientific model for resident autonomy. By promoting community autonomy, a batch of excellent community autonomy projects including Not Come “Singly” But in Pairs, “Madams Living in the House” Step Out, Colorful Vests into the Buildings, Obedient Home, United Happy Home, Vegetable Cleaning Club and The New Life in Our Garden which stood out from the crowd, making many residential areas full of vitality and greatly enhancing the sense of fulfillment and happiness index of the residents.