【Good Teams and Good Leaders】Overcome the Difficulties and Lead the Whole District to Reform and Innovate

Released on:2018-06-21


— A Report on Wang Yeqing, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Director of Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui) With crucial duty and immense responsibility, Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission is the most important department leading the reform work of the whole district. As the Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Director of the Development and Reform Commission, Wang Yeqing lives up to high standards, forming a work habit of “leave no minor problems overnight and no major problems over a week”, and preventing any problem in the work from occurring and thinking about every work in advance, with his passionate spirit to lead the comrades around to push the tasks together. Over the past one year, led by Wang Yeqing, Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission completed the indicator work in an all-around way. The basic work had underlined highlights; for the breakthrough on the reform of the system and mechanism, the “Double Pilot Linkage” reform was deepened; for pushing the implementation of the plans, the mechanism innovation was deepened; for the operation analysis of the regional economic society development, the supervision and analysis mechanism was innovated; for the management of estimation and appraisal of investment, the all-process management of major construction projects was strengthened. All of the work ranked the top of the whole district.


Be a Reformer Endeavoring to Fulfill His Responsibility


“To reform is to tackle the toughest problems and to have the courage to solve ‘tough issues’. The tougher the difficulty is, the more necessary it is to have the courage to solve it.” Wang Yeqing expressed that as the most important department leading the reform work of the whole district, Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission must endeavor to fulfill its responsibility, be brave to think outside the box, and constantly challenge the problems and difficulties.


In 2016, a new round of application for the pilot area of the comprehensive reform of the national service industry was started. It was the first year of the “Merger between Zhabei District and Jing’an District”, while the whole Development and Reform Commission team was facing difficulties of various kinds. “No matter how difficult it is, we should strive for taking the signboard for Jing’an.” Wang Yeqing led the members of the team to rise to the challenges and to busily prepare for the application. On the one hand, they worked hard to narrate the Jing’an story well. The team reviewed Zhabei’s successful experience on the creation work in the former round, combined the practical situation of the development of Jing’an, regarded the agglomeration of the high-end lines of business in Jing’an, the extent of the export-oriented economy and the industrial gradient layout as Jing’an’s competitive advantages to other relevant districts and counties, and promoted Jing’an in a targeted manner. On the other hand, Wang Yeqing fought for the support from senior departments. With great support from district leaders, the team closely communicated and connected with Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission and National Development and Reform Commission, listening to their opinions and suggestions and constantly perfecting the creation plan. With the high-quality creation plan and the work sincerity shown by untiring struggle, the district was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and got the gold signboard of the pilot area of the comprehensive reform of national service industry.


Be a Worker Strict to Details


The work of the Development and Reform Commission is complex and involves a wide range of areas. Wang Yeqing always does his best to do all the work well with all details concerned. “We should do the work in the very details since only when we strictly control the details could we accumulate works results step by step.” This is the work concept Wang Yeqing has been keeping to for years.


The compilation work of 2018 Plan for Jing’an District People’s Government Fiscal Construction Project not only involved the development and construction of the region, but also involved the problem of whether the major construction projects promised to the people in the whole district during the “13th Five-year Plan” period could be completed on schedule. After the work was mobilized and deployed by the whole district, Wang Yeqing personally led the work team to put effort into the intense compilation work. On the one hand, he partnered with departments including the Ministry of Finance, Science and Technology Commission and Social Construction Office to conduct a systematic training in the project application; on the other hand, he organized the force to investigate and sort out the major construction projects in the whole district systematically to do anticipatory preparation for the compilation of the subsequent project plans. For the carry-over projects of the previous year, he got hold of the details of the budget as well as the implementation and pushing condition of the projects well, ensuring everything was covered and nothing was overlooked; for the new projects, he focused on the budget and the preparation condition of the implementation plans of the projects, invited SICC to conduct professional appraisal on the projects, decided whether the projects should be divided into the formal group or the possible group according to their degree of sophistication, and listed them in the plan accordingly. With his effort, in the end, 2018 Plan for Jing’an District People’s Government Fiscal Construction Project was completed on schedule. The plan consisted of 67 projects in construction category including 45 formal projects, involving a total investment volume of RMB 19.574 billion.


Be an Intimate Friend of the Cadres


“I regard them as cadres when working and help them improve themselves; I regard them as siblings in daily life and know the family life of each cadre well, as well as care more about them.” As the leader, Wang Yeqing has built a positive work atmosphere of “cadres + siblings”, making the members have a stronger sense of identity and sense of belonging to the Development and Reform Commission, uniting the members of the team and letting the team members strive for the same goal.


At the beginning of the “Merger between Zhabei District and Jing’an District”, the biggest difficulty Wang Yeqing faced was to make the team stable and to accelerate the integration of the personnel. The new Jing’an was in its compilation period of the “13th Five-year Plan”, so Wang Yeqing took the compilation work as the entry point to establish multiple work groups including the contact guarantee group and the plan compiling group, to strengthen the communication between the two groups of the Development and Reform Commission personnel through coordination and collaboration on work, and thus to accelerate the integration work of the two groups. During the interim period, all cadres of the Development and Reform Commission felt the care and concern towards them from the team leader, and it was Wang Yeqing’s untiring effort that stabilized the members’ thinking and the cadre team, strengthened the work cohesiveness of the whole commission, and further created a positive atmosphere of pulling together and striving for the better together, providing a strong guarantee for the implementation of the major work.