【A Good Team and A Good Leader】The Party & Government Leadership of Pengpu Town Work Together to Build a “Beautiful Urban Area”

Released on:2018-06-30


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu) Pengpu Technology Street used to be filled with polluting enterprises like agricultural trade wholesale markets, metallurgical plants and small-scale printing workshops. But now, the street is transformed into a modern service industry park that has been scrambled for by such advanced industries as testing & certification and creative film and television. Such change should give the credit to the party & government leadership of Pengpu Town led by Jiang Weicheng, Secretary of the CPC Pengpu Town Committee, and Xin Yi, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Pengpu Town Committee and Mayor of Pengpu Town. The leadership manifests the excellent spirit to be brave for battle and address tough problems. With the joint efforts of the leadership team, “Five Violations and Four Musts” comprehensive environmental renovation project in the town, reform of rural collective economy property system and the construction of “beautiful hometown” all showed remarkable achievements.


Difficult Tasks must be Accomplished


Pengpu Town was transformed from suburbs, and thus there had been extensive industries like various production and processing enterprises, farmer’s markets and buildings for warehousing industry due to historical reasons, of which many plant buildings and warehouses were illegal buildings. Pengpu Technology Street on Hutai Road was appointed to be key area of municipal comprehensive governance on ecological environment, and was demanded to remove plants, warehouses and markets of over 70,000 square meters. However, this appealed to be difficult. “No matter how difficult the task is, it must be accomplished!” Jiang Weicheng led group members to work on the site, commanding the demolition. Through their hard work, the plant buildings of metallurgy auxiliary material factory, printing industry park and hotel supplies wholesale market were pulled down one by one, but the Jing’an Cao’an Hutai Farmer’s Wholesale Market of about 13,000 square meters, as the biggest problem, was still left. To remove this market, it was necessary to deal with serious problems such as the livelihood of over 200 stores and over 3,000 workers in the market and the price stability of fish markets all over the whole city. “We will absolutely solve this big problem!” Jiang Weicheng and group members promised to the leaders of District. Pengpu Town CPC Committee laid down “Four Steps in Work” to carry work forward step by step, including interviewing comprehensively, propagandizing widely for positive public opinions, listing the demands carefully and solve the problem by “one policy for one stand”. Group members often go to the market, working on site to listen to suggestions. Jiang Weicheng and group members went to the market for dozens of times in a half year, and finally finished the relocation of the market. From then, West Jiangchang Road was opened up and citizens were increasingly satisfied with the environment. According to statistics, Pengpu Town has removed 314,800 square meters of various illegal buildings over the last two years.


Fine Management Breeds New Highlights in the Urban Area


During the construction of “beautiful hometown” and “beautiful urban area”, the leadership of Pengpu Town considered that the two “beautiful” projects should cater for people’s livelihood, and should win people’s popular support. In construction, through the “three into one” method combining basic project, specific project and featured project, the town should foster new highlights to enhance the sense of gain of community residents. In the discussing meeting on construction design plan for Beiyi residential area, Xin Yi suggested that “the design should be environmental friendly”. Through his effort, the residential area has constructed the first solar power non-motor vehicle charging shed in Shanghai. This environment-friendly and energy-conserving shed allows the residents to charge their non-motor vehicles safely, conveniently, efficiently and orderly at a reasonable price. Seeing the big problem of long time be resolved easily, residents praised the project a lot. Meanwhile, the town government also set a series of green projects in the estate, including energy-saving and environment-protecting LED street lamps and stereoscopic green walls. For the past two years, group members of Pengpu Town party and government leadership went to all the estates in jurisdiction for numerous times to listen to suggestions about construction of “beautiful hometown”. Also, they followed “fine management”, carrying out “one policy for one road” and “one policy for one river”, practicing “chief of road” and “chief of river” management, and improving some “dirty, messed and poor” roads, river channels and backstreet alleys effectively. In 2017, Pengpu Town was praised as “National Hygienic Town”, and Xiachangpu River in the town was praised as “The Most Beautiful Landscape River Channel in Shanghai”.


Promote Reform to Let Farmers be Shareholders


Pengpu Town is one of the “Five Districts and Six Towns” of project of Removing Towns and Establishing Sub-Districts in Shanghai central urban area, and the work of reform has entered an important and difficult period. The leadership of the town went to municipal relative departments and other towns for many times to learn and to research, drawing the experience of reform of collective economy property system. They faced problems directly and concentrated on designing superstructure, promoting work according to specific situations and emphasizing key projects. To better push on the reform of collective economy property system in villages, the reform of enterprises under jurisdiction of the town and the verification and registration of collective assets, they developed investigation and research and formulated a series of plans about resolving the historical problems in reform of collective economy property system in villages. In promoting the reform of collective economy property system in villages and towns, the leadership carried out “change asset into stock right, change farmers into shareholders” to give the rights and benefits to all people and to share material benefits of reform with numerous cooperative members. In Sept. 2016, Tangnan Community Economic Cooperative officially hanged out its shingle in former Tangnan Village Committee, and the 1,998 villagers from 9 production teams of former Tangnan Village became members of the cooperative. This marked the successful accomplishment of the reform of collective economy property system in Tangnan Village, Pengpu Town, and also a critical step in the promotion of the town-level reform of collective economy property system of Pengpu Town. Since 2017, the reform of collective economy property system in Pengpu Village has been started steadily. Meanwhile, for the housing allotment problem in Baiyiqiao Village that had been delayed for 20 years, basic works including information collection have been carried out under the direction of a special working group from Town Party Committee, laying a solid foundation for resolving historical problems.