【A Good Team and A Good Leader】Team of Northern Group Leads the Group to Realize Leaping Development

Released on:2018-07-06


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) “In 2017, the transformation development pattern of the group had been basically completed. In the next five years, the group will continue to realize the “two-wheel driven” development of its businesses through reform and innovation, letting the employees of the group share more benefits of the reform and development of the group.” For the achievements of the group over the past year and the development plan for the future, Zhu Xianlin, Chairman of Northern Group and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Northern Group Committee spoke out the inner voice of the members of the team.


Be Determined to Reform and Find a Path of Innovative Development


From resource reorganization to “back-door listing” and realizing doubled total capital of the conglomerate, to “going national” and extending its main business, real estate, to second-tier cities in China including Quanzhou, Xiamen and Xi’an, and to optimizing the industry structure and enhancing the capital power, Zhu Xianlin told the reporter that the “three-step” transformation development path “forced” by the reform requirements to the state-owned assets and enterprises was basically accomplished in 2017. “We really suffered a lot for the development. The members of the team gave the group a good example: they left everything in their homes behind and, with an original aspiration of striving for the development of the group and the enthusiasm for working and being successful, stationed at the project sites of the group all around the nation, ensuring the smooth progress of the work.”


At the end of 2010, with the great support from the CPC Jing’an District Committee and the People’s Government of Jing’an District, Northern Group and Tibet Urban Development and Investment Co., Ltd. acquired two salt lakes, namely LongmuCo salt lake and Jiezechaka salt lake in Ali area, Tibet with a total lithium carbonate reserve of 3.9 million tons, forming a downstream industry chain in Gansu. For the project bringing the company a wonderful opportunity for the transformation and sustainable development in the future, the team of the group designated 6 members of the team to station in Tibet in succession to study the process of developing salt lake with the technical team of the company, and almost everyone grew from a “layman” without expert knowledge to half an expert in salt lake. In the Ali Plateau area at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters, with the spirit of indomitable struggle, the research team overcame the bad and unpredictable weather as well as the tough living condition and solved the worldwide problem of the lithium enrichment of the carbonic acid-type salt lake and magnesium-lithium separation of the sulfuric acid-type salt lake, filling the technical gap in salt lake development, thus standing on the leading position of the salt lake development in the world. The members of the team also led the workers to start from the uninhabited mining area, to construct salt pans, build plants and transport supplies step by step, and to gradually apply the lithium extraction technology to industrial production, opening up the producing process and route of lithium carbonate. The team successfully produced some lithium carbonate products, making a great contribution to the successful transformation of the conglomerate.


Zhu Xianlin also introduced that as the single-wheel driving force of real estate business was successfully transformed to the two-wheel driving force consisting of real estate and minerals, the group planned to transform multiple real estate projects in Quanzhou and Xi’an to outlets projects involving multiple lines of business including shopping mall and hotel to inject stronger power into the sustainable development in the future.


Concern People's Well-being and Enhance the Management Level of the Property


As a district-affiliated state-owned company, Northern Group ensures that the work on people’s well-being is not neglected when transforming and developing. The group not only completed some of the reconstruction work in the old districts in the region, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Pengpu Phase 10 Area C, Qiaodong Phase 2 security housing construction work and the task of renovating the public houses in old lanes covering an area of 480 thousand square meters, but also is responsible for the management of state-owned and state-managed houses in the region.


In recent two years, according to the work requirements of “beautiful home”, the team of the group has decisively proposed brand new work ideas and guiding thoughts for the reform of property, finding an innovative path of the “great property”. By implementing the operational mode of “introducing professional property management service, implementing all-around integration of property management, and employing professional property management team in the market”, the group constantly enhances its property management level and lowers its management cost. Meanwhile, the group has integrated the maintenance teams from the property companies responsible for the state-owned and state-managed public houses, selected and equipped an emergency maintenance team with relatively high quality and divided the service areas into three parts, the south part, middle part and north part to let the emergency maintenance business cover the whole region in an all-around way. The group adheres to “the unified management units, service level and maintenance improvement” and has completed the guaranteed support business in the whole area, ensuring that there are maintenance personnel on duty around the clock, the personnel will be at site within 30 minutes after receiving the emergency maintenance call, and every call from the residents will be responded. The indicators of the emergency maintenance of the company emergency center have ranked the top three in the whole city for many consecutive years.


Zhu Xianlin expressed that this year, the group would regard the standard management of gate post in the residential communities as one of the key work contents, remodel the 125 gate posts with substandard hardware and conduct standard management to the door keepers at the same time. In addition, the group would also focus on the “toilet” problem, investigating and checking the 808 existing toilets in the north area of Jing’an to formulate relevant work schemes and plans as soon as possible.


Build Platforms and Lead the Employees to Present Their Abilities


Talent is one of the most important factors in realizing the leaping development of the group. For this reason, the team of the group regards “Implementation” as the corporate culture, reinforces the democratic management and strengthens the talent team construction of the company, striving for producing concrete results in talent work. According to Zhu Xianlin, once every two years, the group opens jobs to its employees, and the requirements, goals and tasks, salary standards as well as integrity and self-discipline requirements of all positions in the company are all “exposed” to the employees to let them apply for trans-departmental and trans-field positions in an open, fair, transparent and democratic environment “as they wish” and do what they can as well as present their abilities, forming a “free to go forward or back, free to enter or exit” employment mechanism. Meanwhile, the group also strives to do well in the training, recommendation, tracking and investigation work of the standby cadre team, striving to form a favorable situation where everyone is responsible for promoting the harmony and everyone is engaged in building a harmonious environment.


In order to meet the requirement of the diversified business development of the group, through systems & measures improvement, as well as the active and effective supervision, the group has gradually explored and perfected a set of effective internal control management mechanisms and institution standardizing systems. Leveraging the “central brain” of the group, the OA System, the group approves and supervises the usage of all its capitals, ensuring capital safety and operational safety of the project, thus better serving the reform and development of the company.