【A Good Team and A Good Leader】One Step Higher, One Step Deeper, One Step More Compact, Do Well in Being a “Screw” of Reform

Released on:2018-07-11


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) One step higher on the understanding of the reform, one step deeper in the critical battles of reform, one step more compact on the responsibility of reform, spare no effort to promote the deep reform with the spirit of “driving the nail”. Those are the goals that Zhou Xiangming, Secretary and Chairman of the CPC Shanghai KaiKai (Group) Co., Ltd. Committee, sets for himself and the unwavering conviction based on which he leads all cadres and employees to implement the development strategy of “great health, new business and good service” of the group.


Resolve Lots of “Tough issues”


During the period of more than 5 years since he became the Secretary of the CPC KaiKai Group Committee in November 2012, Zhou Xiangming never forgets his responsibilities and duties as the person with primary responsibility of the community-level Party building work. After deep investigation, he combed “18+9” burning historical issues and established the work idea of “meeting all challenges confidently, addressing easier issues before difficult ones and resolving the issues step by step”. He started from the big “issues”, personally formulated plans, urged the implementation and overcame the difficulties, leading all “KaiKai people” to resolve multiple “tough issues”, thus realizing the steady development of the group.


When taking over the Venture Tech Tower Project in 2012, the project had a deficit of over RMB 70 million, and the deficit was expected to reach RMB 250-280 million on the completion of the project five years later. In the face of difficulties, Zhou Xiangming led the team to struggle against the problems, to confront the issues, to be brave to act, to be courageous to take responsibilities and to innovate and reform boldly. After the five-year arduous negotiation, the team eventually completed the adjustment of the commercial types of the group and reversed the passive situation. The deficit of the project was basically controlled and resolved. In 2015, Ruby Food Company managed by the group met its bottleneck in development. Zhou Xiangming led a team to conduct a deep and detailed market research and eventually formed a 3-year development plan for the company. He invested in the construction of a new central plant without hesitation to alleviate the contradiction between operation and production capacity, thus enabling the company to maintain its healthy and good development momentum.


“Talents are the most precious resources of the group and an important source of strengths for the development of the group.” is what Zhou Xiangming always says. For this reason, he led the formulation of the Three-year Plan for Talent Development of KaiKai Group (2015-2017) and New Three-year Plan for Talent Development (2018-2020), made the employment direction clear, and put great efforts into introducing, cultivating and developing high-end professional talents and technical talents. Through the project-based form, multi-position practice, establishing teams of standby cadres and reverse talents, the strategic collaboration agreement on implementing talent education and training signed with Shanghai Business School, and inheriting the “spirit of craftsmanship” in a master-to-apprentice form, the group cultivates the leaders-to-be of the relevant important businesses, skills and company operation in multiple forms with multiple contents. In recent years, excellent talents of the group winning Shanghai May Day labor medals and honorable titles including Work Model of Shanghai, Craftsman of Shanghai, world-level, city-level and district-level Successor of Intangible Cultural Heritage Skills, Leading Talent of the District and Service Star of the District have emerged one after another, which is a clear evidence for its struggle.


Always Keep the Company and the Employees in Mind


In the eyes of “KaiKai people”, Zhou Xiangming is a “great patriarch” and the “backbone” they admire from the bottom of their hearts. In the interview, Zhou Xiangming also expressed that keeping the team in harmony and letting the members of the team strive for the same goal is the “standard skill” for being a good “leader”, and the most important thing is not to pay too much attention to personal gains and losses but to keep the development of the company and the benefits of the employees in mind.


Zhou Xiangming, who leads the group to walk along the road of development, constantly builds a cadre team that fears no difficulties, has a life-affirming attitude, and always keeps a good mental status with heart, forming an atmosphere of being willing to work, being able to work, being successful in work and making no mistakes in work. “As a patriarch, you should have an open mind and allow people to have different ideas, should be good at putting yourself in others’ shoes and communicating with others, should create a stage for the cadres being able to work, being brave to work and being good at working, and should mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized.” Zhou Xiangming has his own experience on how to manage the numerous people in the group well.


“This year, I will lead all ‘KaiKai people’ to make the government capital strong, to enhance its quality and to strive for its development with determination, thus realizing the new development and new leap of the group.” For 2018, the “leaping” year, Zhou Xiangming has set four “small goals” in heart for a long time. The first goal is to deepen the reform of the company to achieve accomplishments with effort in perfecting the legal person governance structure of the state-owned company, strengthening the integration of resources, combing and simplifying the management structure, exploring the operator’s three-year tenure target system, and advocating a salary-assessing system combining interior and exterior incentives. The second goal is to focus on the development of the main business and struggle to solve the difficulties, make innovation in the development model of operation and enhance the quality and efficiency. The group will urge the Ley’s Company in the west area to actively participate in the reform of the medical and health system, spare no effort to promote all-around collaboration with Jing’an District Health and Family Planning Commission and its affiliated medical institutions, explore the transformation from medicinal health to medical health, put effort into getting ahead in the reform, and seek for new development in adversities, which is a significantly important task. The third goal is to realize the sustainable development of the brand through multiple channels including building the upgrading and remodeling project of the time-honored brand-featured street at North Shaanxi Road with all its efforts and holding the first “KaiKai Group Food Health Festival” and “KaiKai Group Community Commercial Services Cultural Festival”. The fourth goal is to regard the active promotion of the community business as its own duty. This year, the group plans to promote the level two remodeling of multiple food markets and explore the new mode of O2O to further enhance the convenience level of the community business, thus writing the “great article” of the district-affiliated commercial companies benefiting the people well.