Outstanding Chinese Company Provides Property Management Service's for International Pavilions


    Shanghai Zhongqi Property Management Co. Ltd secured the winning bid to provide property management

    Jing'an Temple Subdistrict actively organized Expo volunteer activities


      Jing'an Temple Subdistrict actively organized Expo volunteer activities. They established Ne

    A Guide of Going to Expo Park for Jing’an Residents


    Residents are all looking forward to enjoying the World Expo, then how do our Jing’an residents go

    All Staff Members Bilingually Explain to Serve Shanghai Expo


    The establishment of all staff members’ bilingual explanation services at the Museum of the Second N

    Overall Economy maintains Sound Growth in the Eleventh Five Year Plan


    Jing Xuan  竞 轩  Regional economic development throughout Jing’an District experienced soun

    Show 800 Designated Venue for Shanghai Fashion Week


    Shanghai Fashion Week has become an influential global brand. From April 20, fashion events showcasi

    Historic Exhibition Celebrates 160th Anniversary of Chinese Immigrants in Peru


    Wang Yigang 王毅刚  The opening ceremony of a historic exhibition kicked off at the Jing’an Cultur

    Nanjing Road and Champs-Elysees to be Sister Streets


    Lu Jun Lin Mu  陆俊 林木Shanghai Huangpu Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Enterprise Association and

    Foil World Cup Exciting Competitions to be held during May Holidays


    Xu Hai 徐海  The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will kick off May lst.  On the same day, the '2010

    Jing’an: Shanghai’s Most Environmentally Friendly District


    Fei fei  斐斐 Jing’an achieved the lowest figures in Shanghai from 2006 to 2008 in its added-valu

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