China’s First Partnership Foreign Equity Investment Enterprise Launches in Jing'an


    He Xiaodong何晓冬 China’s first batch of Foreign Equity Investment Fund partnerships and Foreign Fund M

    Complete Mobilization and Whole-hearted Devotion with Full Efforts


    The Oath-taking Rally of Expo Work at Jing’an District Calls for Serving the Expo Lectured by Mr. Ma

    Function clarification and general deployment for 2010


      Jing’an Times (Yao Jianwei) – Chaired by Mr. Liu Xiao Ming, Chairman of CPPCC of Jing’an Dist

    Party Branch of Kuomingtang, Zhongzheng District, Taipei Paid a Visit to Jing’an District


    Jingan Shi Bao (Liu Peilan) – 17 people from Party Branch of Kuomingtang, Zhongzheng District, Tai

    Blossoms in focus


          An early visitor takes a picture of the cherry blossoms yesterday at the Shanghai Botanic Gard

    Eyes on pandas


          Children from 13 foreign countries’ consulate staffs in Shanghai take a look at the 10 pandas

    Sunny prospect


          Students of Tongji University yesterday attend a ceremony upon completion of a solar-powered b

    The foundations of success


          Builders toil away at the construction site of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower as the biggest sec

    Chance for some tunnel vision


          Shanghai residents have a first peek at the tunnel that will open on Sunday for motorists in t

    Renowned Shanghai Trademarks from Jing'an


    Tom Lee  Recently, ‘Westgate’, ‘Lvyangcun’, ‘Wangjiasha’, ‘Kaisiling’, ‘Wenhui Xinmin United Pr

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