Swisstel Grand Hopes to Crown During Expo 2010 with Qualified Service


    Helon Song 宋海晓 Expo 2010 is near at hand and hotels are trying their best to promote their service s

    Jing'an Modern Drama Valley Awarded “Modern Shanghai Event 2009”


    He Xiaodong何晓冬 With typical Chinese modesty, the Jing'an Modern Drama Valley has been widely acclaim

    Statue of Goethe Unveiled at Shanghai Drama Avenue


    Wang Yigang 王毅刚 A bronze bust of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, pioneer writer of German romantic drama

    Lawmakers urge new rules for chemicals


          Beniamino Quintieri (right), commissioner general of Italy for World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and J

    ‘Better city’ emerges


           The World Expo Village takes shape on the Pudong side of the Huangpu River. It covers 35 hect

    TRIMAN & IBM Mainframe Cooperation Deal Confirmed


    This is the first time that ‘International Business Machines' (IBM) introduced a domestic e-gov appl

    "City Shop" Delegation Travels to Austria


    Under the leadership of board chairman, Mr. Cui Yixiong, a delegation of the Shanghai City Shop left

    Experience life like a blind person


          A contestant shows her sign language skill during a sign-language competition held in the city

    From 'Chinglish' to English in Public Places


    Organized by the Jing'an Language Committee in preparation for EXPO 2010, volunteers have begun the

    A/H1N1 Vaccination Offered Without Charge to the Aged & Vulnerable


    Qiu Meifang 裘梅芳 In a coordinated plan with the Shanghai Municipal Government, Jing'an District will

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