The 7th Plenary Session of the First CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee Is Convened

Released on:2018-01-05


On January 2, the 7th Plenary Session of the First CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee was convened Haishang Cultural Center. Jing’an District leaders including An Lusheng, Lu Xiaodong, Gu Yunhao, Deng Xiaodong, Gu Chunyuan, Shen Daming, He Yiqin, Zhao Ruqing, Ling Huikang, Qian Jing and Liu Xie attended the session which was presided by An Lusheng.


At the first meeting of the plenary session, An Lusheng gave a work statement on behalf of the standing committee of CPC Jing’an District Committee; Lu Xiaodong made a report on the economic and social development work of Jing’an District; Gu Yunhao made explanations about “Working Rules of CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee (Discussion Paper)”.


At the second meeting of the plenary session, the “Working Rules of CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee” and the “Work Statement 2017 of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Jing’an District Committee” were passed.


The session pointed out that, to advance bravely in new era and realize the new leap, we must maintain firm confidence, keep up our spirits, gather strength, make innovations and do solid work to comprehensively implement all of the aims and tasks determined at the plenary session and serve as “New benchmark of central urban area and new development highlight of Shanghai” with actual performance of “small change in every year and great change after three years”.


An Lusheng emphasized the following five points in terms of putting into practice and implementing the spirits of the plenary session and current work:


Firstly, truly concentrate on the opening of each work. As we achieved “No.1” in both economic scale and increment in 2017, we should take more efforts to and be easier to realize “Good Year Start” and “Good Season”.


Secondly, carry out multiple kinds of heart-warming activities in a deep-going way. We should pay more attention to the group in difficulties, the aged, the entitled group, migrant workers and other groups.


Thirdly, spare no efforts to ensure a safe urban area and a stable society. Leading cadres of all levels of Jing’an District must establish bottom-line thinking and awareness of unexpected development and fully implement the duty to defend the urban area. Any incident that influences the overall situation is not allowed in Jing’an District.


Fourthly, resolutely eradicate corruption in festivals. Leading cadres of all levels of Jing’an District should strength their sense of responsibility, pay attention to their own duties and manage their own subordinates as well as intensify supervision, discipline execution and accountability system. Violation of regulations and disciplines should be handled seriously once found out with zero tolerance.


Fifthly, earnestly organize and carry out large-scale investigation and survey activities. The Party committees (Party groups) of all units in bureau level and division level in the whole Jing’an District should truly take the responsibilities and complete the relevant work well. They should formulate plans, take quick actions and make corrections at the first time.