Jing’an Temple and Baohua Temple Hold the New-Year-Welcoming Blessing and Bell-Striking Activities 2018

Released on:2018-01-11


Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang


(Text by Reporter Wang Yanyan and Correspondent Ning Jing) From 12:00 pm of December 31, 2017 to 1:00 am of January 1, 2018, Jing’an Temple, the ancient temple with a history of over a thousand years, held the grand Auspiciousness Blessing and Bell-striking Activity for the New Year’s Day of 2018.


At that night, Jing’an Temple turned on all its night lightings. The beautiful and dazzling lamplight added dense festival atmosphere to the Blessing and Bell-striking Activity for the New Year’s Day. More than a thousand citizens got onto the resplendent and magnificent Jing’an Pagoda in high spirits and followed the crowd to line up to participate in the bell-striking activity of “Ruyi Bell” free of charge. The leaders at different levels and personages of all circles who had once concerned about and supported the construction project of Jing’an Temple as well as representatives from those construction units that had once took great efforts to recast the glory of Jing’an Temple were also invited to get onto the bell tower to take part in the Blessing and Bell-striking Activity of the “Heping Bell”.


When Huiming Senior Monk, Chairman of Shanghai Society of Buddhism, President of the Buddhist Academy of Shanghai and Buddhist Abbot of Jing’an Temple stroke the bell to ring for the new year, he expressed his best blessings to all people present with resonant voice that he sincerely hoped the 2018 would be an auspicious year, the wind and rain would come in their time, the society would be  in great harmony, the country would be prosperous and strong, the people would be at peace and the world would be peaceful; sincerely hoped that every family could be stable and safe, everyone could live a happy life, could realize an auspicious 2018, could have good fortune and could live a long life in health and peace.


News (By Reporter Yuan Wenjun) The 2018 New-Year-Welcoming Blessing and Bell-Striking Activity of Baohua Temple was held grandly at Baohua Temple from 8:00 pm of December 31, 2017 to 00:30 am of January 1, 2018.


By nearly 9:00 pm of December 31, 2017, the inside and outside of the square of Baohua Temple had already been filled with jollification. People jostled each other in a crowd to celebrate the coming of the new year together. The reporter saw at the site that the Baohua Temple with a history of over 7 hundred years was flowing light and color under the curtain of night with all the colorful lights turned on, leading citizens present into a magnificent world. Besides, traditional activities such as artistic performance, folkway exhibition and hanging wishing ribbon also brought much fun to visitors at the site and made them take a lot of pictures. The gourmet area by the side of the square provided the visitors with various kinds of delicious Buddhist desserts and steaming hot drinks.


At 11:30 pm, Baohua Temple stoke its bell for the first time in welcoming the New Year and the bell tone implying best wishes resounded for a long time in the night sky over the temple. Then, personages of all circles successively got onto the tower to strike the bell with great enthusiasm. When the bell rang for the 108th time, the hour pointer just pointed to 00:00 of 2018. The whole audience jumped with great joy to jointly express their good wishes for the new year.