Female Entrepreneur Association of Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce Holds New-Year-Welcoming Gala

Released on:2018-01-12



(Text by Reporter Wang Yanyan) A few days ago, the Female Entrepreneur Association of Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce held the New-Year-Welcoming Gala. About 130 female entrepreneurs as well as relevant leaders of Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the activity.


The gala began with a combination performance of Tai Ji and was abundant with various kinds of programs including mixed song singing, mixed dancing of different styles, opera reading, cosplay, child-like puppet show, cheongsam show and formal dress show interlarded with Knowledge Quiz about the 19th National Congress of the CPC, which formed a warm atmosphere at the scene. The formal dress show by couples of the gala specially designed to advocate harmonious and healthy Socialist Family Values won the full house cheering. All of the programs in the gala were arranged, rehearsed and performed by the female entrepreneur themselves and they even purchased the costumes and props personally. With over 50 female entrepreneurs performing onstage, the gala was not inferior to those organized by professional teams in terms of splendidness and was called jokingly as “Spring Festival Gala of female entrepreneurs”.


Female Entrepreneur Association, founded by Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2006, provides female entrepreneurs with a stage of communication, demonstration and promotion. Since its founding, the Association has been continuously widening its thinking of work and boldly innovating its activity form under the guidance of Jing’an District Federation of Industry and Commerce. Specially, after the Merger between Zhabei District and Jing’an District, the team of the Association has been going from strength to strength through merging, developing resources as well as widening thinking, and has carried out various kinds of activities, including organizing female entrepreneurs to learn about political theories and business operation, observing and studying excellent enterprises, holding symposiums for communication and study and guiding brainstorms. Besides, the Association also organized a series of humanistic quality improvement activities such as Tai Ji exercise and cheongsam show to keep health and nourish heart, painting and photographing to discover beauties, tour to Lankao County to reshape beliefs, and reading and sharing to express gratefulness to life. The colorful and vigorous activities won the welcome and recognition of the female entrepreneurs.