New Year Concert Is Held in West Nanjing Road Sub-district

Released on:2018-02-03


Photo: Scene of the concert (By Reporter Yu Ruwen)


(By Reporter Wang Yanyan) On January 22, 2018, West Nanjing Road Sub-district New Year Concert was held at LG atrium of CITIC Square. Shanghai Light Music Group starred in this concert, and chose to play many classics, which were highly attractive.


The concert started with “Spring Festival Overture”, during which pleasant and exciting atmosphere rapidly impressed all the audience at the scene. Following that, the waltz “Voice of Spring” made people feel as if they were in spring. Then came the lively “Spanish Dances”, the enthusiastic “Slavonic Dances”, and folk music “Butterfly Lovers” as well as “Jasmine Flower” of which the melodious rhythm lingered at the scene. Singing performances were especially added to this concert, and many well-known songs such as “My Motherland and Me” and “Flying Red Flag” were sung at the scene and triggered a chorus climax.


West Nanjing Road Sub-district had already held a New Year concert last year and had since received good feedback. In order to meet the demands of grass roots, this year’s concert was themed “Stay true to the original aspiration and contribute to the China Dream”. By perfectly combining domestic and foreign famous music, the concert presented a high-quality performance integrating romance and elegance as well as passion and happiness for white-collars working in buildings and residents living in the community to carry forward the spirits[L1]  of the 19th National Congress of CPC into the grass roots. 


  1. [L1]此处修改错误。官方用词这里应该为复数,可参见十九大报告。

2. 标题不需用过去时。且,之前的审核稿贵司曾将过去时改为现在时。