Jing’an District Market Administration Carries out “Staggered Administration” for Food Safety

Released on:2018-02-07


In order to guarantee the food safety of the district during the Spring Festival and specify the operation order of food market, Jing’an District Market Administration actively carried out “staggered administration” according to the operation time of the food business owners and characteristics of the customer groups and used beak times such as middays and evenings of weekdays as well as weekends to carry out “around the clock” administration on food market of the district. By the time of the Spring Festival Eve, the administration would carry out “staggered administration” for more than 40 times and surprise inspection on more than 120 food production and operation units.


Firstly, all the market administration stations deploy and develop staggered supervision and administration schedule in advance, so as to make clear the inspection time, units, and focuses and carry out inspections under the guidance of directors or directors in charge to make sure the work be pushed forward effectively. Secondly, all market administration stations focus on catering companies in famous business areas, large-and-medium-sized restaurants and restaurants that are well-known online of the district to carry out staggered inspections by finding out potential dangers of food safety during peak serving time and implementing targeted supervision. Once problems are found out, the stations will urge the relevant companies or restaurants to rectify and reform on the site and conduct review within a definite time to make sure that problems can be solved completely. Thirdly, enforcement officials of all the market administration stations break the limitation of regular timetable on food safety supervision and administration work, utilize break times to carry out surprise inspection on food safety and effectively crack down the unlawful acts with the fluke mind that takes advantage of the “time difference”. Fourthly, apart from carrying out inspection for food safety, all the market administration stations also give out food safety risk reminders to units providing orders of banquets such as annual meeting banquets and Spring Festival Eve dinners, provide guidance about performing well in food safety work during Spring Festival, urge each unit to strengthen their entity responsibilities about food safety and comprehensively put into practice food safety system, so as to truly guarantee the safety of food supply.