Manual Caring Scarfs Are Weaved for Volunteers

Released on:2018-02-08


Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) On January 23, 2018, staffs and community volunteer representatives of Caojiadu Sub-district Community Voluntary Service Center went to major traffic intersections of Jing’an District to put on manual caring scarfs weaved by community volunteers for road civility volunteers, traffic polices and auxiliary polices sticking to their posts, warming their hearts in the cold winter. These people direct the traffic with profession, dedication and loving hearts, building a safe, well-organized, civilized and smooth road transportation environment and safeguard residents for their safe travel.


It was learnt that Caojiadu Sub-district had nearly a hundred community volunteers for road civility, most of whom were retired people who were keen to public benefits. No matter in chilly winter or in hot summer, in orange vests and with small yellow flags in hands, these volunteers guarded in turn at major traffic intersections during the morning and evening peak to publicize road civility to passengers, instruct and persuade them to obey traffic rules as well as assist traffic polices to maintain traffic order. Their kind smiles and sincere words formed a special and heart-warming orange scenery line of community civilization.


In this cold winter, to thank the unknown but dedicated and responsible volunteers on the road, the Sub-district Community Voluntary Service Center organized volunteers of the weaving group to carry out an activity themed as “To Weave a Warm Winter with Needles and Threads”. Spending nearly a month on weaving scarfs and neckerchiefs, they transferred warm love between volunteers with their skillful hands and put into practice volunteer principles of “Devotion, Kindness, Mutual assistance and Advancement” with practical actions, so as to guide more community residents to take active part in volunteer service, devote themselves to the construction of a civilized community, and start from minor matters by their sides to build Caojiadu Sub-district into a warm and civilized community together.