Cups of Tea Are Heart-warming for Workers Who Clean Snow and Ice for Residents’ Safety

Released on:2018-02-08


(By Reporter Wang Yanyan and Li Ying) Shanghai was particularly beautiful after it had snowed all night as it was covered with snow. Along with it, the road was unblocked; slip-resistant measures could be seen everywhere; roads as well as streets were all clean and tidy. The beautiful “manual” scenery was made by a group of front-line workers who worked late at night to provide convenience for residents before the morning peak. Recently facing the coming of icy weather, all organs and offices, residential blocks and community units of Jing’an District are on alert and get prepared for all kinds of emergencies to make sure the city run safely and steadily in snow.


West Nanjing Road Sub-district focused on the service for elderly people and places for cultural activities


On January 25, 2018, Shanghai was hit by a heavy snowfall rarely seen in years which brought inconvenience to residents’ travel and daily life. In order to eliminate unsafe factors in rainy and snowy weather, West Nanjing Road Sub-district responded actively to instructions of the CPC Jing’an District Committee by starting the emergency work of guarding against low temperature and rainy and snowy weather and mobilizing all manpower and material resources to practically guarantee the normal living of residents.


Leaders of various departments of the Sub-district further arranged emergency plans for different work groups and made clear the relevant personnel, material resources, security investigation, emergency guarding, solutions and other specific contents. All relevant departments and neighborhood committees were required to perform well the social assistance work for elderly people of no family, impoverished citizens, vagrants and beggars. Based on the emergency measures, the Sub-district actively cooperated with relevant departments such as property companies to store and hand out goods and materials to help prevent people from slipping or disasters and guarantee the safe running of the area under administration.


When the night fell, people’s police of West Nanjing Road Police Station were standing in the wind and snow like pines, safeguarding every household and every person outside on the road of the area under administration. When it was at dawn, traffic police on duty had already started to clear snow and thin ice along the sidewalk, and hardworking sanitation workers had also begun to clear snows on roads early in the morning. Heavy as the wind and snow were, they couldn’t stop the belief of the third-party management force to safeguard the urban appearance and environment. In the 13 residential blocks under the administration of the Sub-district, general party branches of the residential blocks responded actively to the call of the Sub-district by guiding officials of the neighborhood committees, social workers, volunteers and property companies to clear all roads of the residential areas together. They took actions as soon as it was dawn and worked enthusiastically to sweep roads and clear snows to provide convenience and safety guarantee for residents. Seeing the clear and tidy roads and lanes when going out the next morning, residents all gave thumbs up to all workers for their hard work one after another.


It was learnt that to facilitate the travelling of the elderly people, the Sub-district also paid special attention to the service for elderly people and places for cultural activities of the area under administration. It organized staffs to sweep snows on roads along these places in time to guarantee safety of passengers. Various stations serving for the elderly and Sunshine Home also duly prolonged their opening hours and provided hot drinks and essential drugs to meet the demands of vulnerable groups in cold weather and send warmth to residents in the cold winter.


Baoshan Road Sub-district assisted vagrants and beggars emergently


At the night of January 25, Baoshan Road Sub-district Urban Appearance Station started the emergency response; then more than 230 sanitation workers set out to sprinkle salts to and sweep snows for all roads in the areas under administration. Meanwhile, the Sub-district also carried out an emergency assistance to the 11 vagrants and beggars in different parts of the area. Besides, the Sub-district organized all forces to take actions at once to focus on sweeping snows and sprinkling salt to prevent slipping in front of gates of all vegetable markets, the three centers, hospitals, communities, schools and public toilets with high pedestrian volume.


Facing the heavy snow rarely seen for a decade, apart from the subordinate units of the Sub-district, various residential blocks also took actions to spare no efforts to sweep snow and clear ice. Volunteers of different residential blocks were organized to sweep snow of their own communities. As a result, the snow-sweeping action covered the whole area. As different departments responded quickly and appropriately, not only the occurrence rate of accidents were controlled to zero, but the inconvenience and influence brought to residents were also minimized.


Beizhan Sub-district kept outdoor front-line workers in mind


Facing extreme weather, Beizhan Sub-district organized Community Management Office, Urban Management Detachment, Urban Appearance Station and Housing Management Office to convene work arrangement meeting, to put division of work into practice, make sure that specific work can be assigned to individuals and demand that places with accumulated snow in roads front and communities be cleared in time to guarantee residents’ travel. According to the requirements of the work arrangement meeting, each functional department held emergency work meetings to convey spirits and strengthen the implementation by requiring administrators to be on duty in advance at 7:30, strengthening inspections on the conditions of snow accumulation and freezing of important places such as roads and bridges, coordinating actively with operation companies to perform well the clean-keeping and clear-up work, strengthening the sense of safety responsibility and working hard to safeguard the city’s appearance in extreme weather to make sure residents could go out regularly.


Early in the morning of January 26, leaders of the Sub-district guided office workers to clear the accumulated snow on main roads such as North Xizang Road; the Urban Management Detachment and the third-party management forces guarded silently at Qipu Road Clothing Business District with large flow of people; Housing Management Office worked voluntarily with residential blocks to go deep into the forefront of grass roots; Urban Appearance Station and operation companies strengthened inspections and cleared road snow in areas under their administration in time; different property companies, public security and sanitation workers worked hard without any relaxation at the front line from the late night of January 25 to the early morning of January 26 to guard safety and serve for the residents of Beizhan District, becoming the most heart-warming scenery in this winter; the residential blocks also took actions and officers of neighborhood committees and volunteers who are members of the CPC cleaned snow on roads of their own communities to eliminate potential safety hazards for residents. The Party Establishment Service Center and Volunteer Center of Beizhan Community were even more considerate to provide outdoor workers with free places to have a rest and hot water to drink.


After the snow-clearing work was finished, the Sub-district also provided hot ginger tea for hard-working sanitation workers and sent to their hands one by one to appreciate their efforts in making the city a clean and tidy place.