Daning Road Sub-district Holds New Year Community Concert

Released on:2018-02-10


Photo: Scene of the Concert (by Reporter Yu Ruwen)


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing) In the afternoon of January 31, 2018, “To welcome Chinese New Year—2018 Daning Community New Year Concert” was held at the auditorium of Daning International Elementary School. Residents of the community gathered together to welcome the Chinese New Year. 


At the scene, the responsible person of Daning Road Sub-district comprehensively summed up the works in 2017 and expressed heartfelt thanks to people of all circles as well as officials and people of areas under its administration for their contributions to the work achievements such as “Establishing the Reevaluation of the Fifth National Civilization Urban Area and Successfully Reexamining National Sanitation Urban Area”. The person also raised expectations and requirements for government officials, hoping that they could continuously guide the governance of grass roots in terms of party building, improve urban qualities, guarantee services for people’s livelihood, maintain safe operation of the city and strengthen the construction of contingent of officials with passion and from heart in their future work.


Then, the “2017 Annual Advanced Residential Area As Well As Advanced Group and Individual of Each Center”, “2017 Annual ‘Star of Charity’ of Daning Road Sub-district”, “2017 Annual ‘Top Ten Building Groups’ of Daning Road Sub-district”, and “2017 Annual Star-level Cultural Group of Jing’an District” were commended. Elected staffs also received tool bags as gifts, which was to encourage officials to learn from the advanced and make more efforts to create excellence and make innovation.


The highlight of the activity -- the New Year Concert was performed by Professor Li Jianlin, a tenor singer from the School of Music of Shanghai University, and his students with all their feelings. That’s me and A Tune of Homesickness evoked the strong homesickness of every audience present; Variations on Mayra and the piano solo Xingjiang Dance endowed people with experience of distinctive music features of Chinese minorities. Besides, the Opera 2 performed by a falsetto tenor amazed the audiences greatly and won bouts of applause.[L1] 


The whole activity reached its climax in the boundless longing of Danning People for the 2018. People expressed that they will remain true to their original aspirations and move ahead regardless of difficulties, building a harmonious and beautiful home appropriate for people to live and work in with the spirit of “Never Relax and Never Stop to Fight”.