Shanghai Nanxi Culture Development Center Holds Spring Festival Celebration Activity Concerning Folk Customs

Released on:2018-03-02


(Text by Reporter Wang Yanyan/Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) In the afternoon of February 12, the reception room of Zhangyuan Garden was decorated with lanterns and streamers, brimming with the warm atmosphere. The activity of “Time-honored Zhangyuan Garden Carries forward Folk Customs, Historical Inheritance Radiates Vitality in Spring Festival” sponsored by Shanghai Nanxi Culture Development Center brought strong traditional Spring Festival atmosphere for residents of West Nanjing Road Sub-district.


In the room, the calligraphers took up writing brushes and splashed black ink, writing Spring [L1] Festival couplets and the character "Fu" which means fortune in Chinese with ink fragrance and blessings to residents; the folk artists brought joy to community children with the intangible cultural heritage essence - dough modeling and kirigami art; in addition, the interesting folk custom quiz games and other colorful and wonderful activities attracted residents in an endless stream.


On the courtyard outside, the Spring Festival atmosphere was even stronger. On this side, an old stone mill attracted the attention of the curious children; seniors patiently taught children to use the traditional milling tools; a student surnamed He who had experienced the tool told the reporter, “I only saw stone mills in pictures before and this is my first time to see the real stone mill today, which is quite fresh and fun for me.” On that side, several community aunties were making sweet dumplings with milled glutinous rice flour, and also some aunties were making egg dumplings, one kind of food that is essential for embodying the Spring Festival atmosphere of Shanghai, with a coal dust ball stove. These scenes were authentic representation of the warm and lively Spring Festival of neighborhoods in Shanghai. Auntie Pang who was making sweet dumplings told the reporter that with weaker and weaker Spring Festival atmosphere nowadays, the activities today reminded her of the childhood time, and she quite missed the Spring Festival atmosphere at that time.


According to Li Peiying, responsible person of Shanghai Nanxi Culture Development Center, the purpose of holding this Spring Festival celebration activity in the form of folk customs was to make more community children know more about China New Year, experience the Spring Festival atmosphere, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, and also create a happy and peaceful lunar New Year atmosphere for the community.