Shanghai Jing’an Shaoer District Library Holds Lantern Festival and 4th Anniversary Celebration Activity

Released on:2018-03-03


Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Li Ying) In the afternoon of February 25, Shanghai Jing’an Shaoer District Library and Jing’an District Library (Wenxi Road Library) held Lantern Festival and 4th Anniversary Celebration Activity themed “The Dog Year joyfully welcomes the Spring Festival, while the festive lanterns light aglare in Lantern Festival. With abundant contents and diversified forms, the activity is to let children experience traditional folk culture in theme activities full of Chinese characteristics, and also celebrate the 4th anniversary of Jing’an Shaoer District Library. During the activity, “Senior Teenager Readers” who had been taking part in the reading activities and borrowing the books from Jing’an Shaoer District Library for a long time were honored the title of “Growing Reading Star”. In addition, members of the “Teenager Storytelling Team” of the library talked about Tagore from their perspectives, and recited Tagore’s works for children, which were sincere and moving. The short advertising video of “Teenager Storytelling Team” released for the first time was also very wonderful and infected audience present.


At the scene, the launching ceremony of the cooperation activities between Jing’an Shaoer District Library and FM 93.4 NEWS in 2018 was also held. Hosts from FM 93.4 NEWS shared interesting Lantern Festival stories. Following the storytelling part full of interest were various forms of interaction activities including dough modeling, rabbit lantern making, paper-cutting and lantern riddles. The children were absorbed and concentrated in these activities with strong Chinese atmosphere. Besides, with various kinds of traditional games, children can practice their manipulative abilities, beat their brains and also build up their bodies. In the “Fairy Tale Castle” of Jing’an Shaoer District Library, participants were experiencing the profound connotation of folk culture.