Jing’an District Pushes Forward the Development of Human Resources Service Industry and Welcomes the China Headquarters of Randstad to Enter

Released on:2018-03-08


On February 28, 2018, Randstad, one of the globally largest human resources service providers, held the launch ceremony for its China Headquarters in New Ideal Mansion of Jing’an District, announcing the official opening of the new headquarters and the embarking on its new journey of transformation.


Liu Xie, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jing’an District Committee and Deputy Governor of Jing’an District stated, “From now on, we will continue to accelerate the aggregation of human resources industries, policies and talents and promote the gathering of superior human resources service enterprises. Meanwhile, targeting at the characteristic of global demand of human resources service market, we will accelerate the building of globalized agglomeration zone of headquarters economy and innovation and R&D centers, encourage the building of professionalization and branding of human resources service in the park, create a batch of human resources service brands with greater influence in international and domestic markets, and push forward the scale, professional, branding, and intelligent development of human resources service industry.”


Gao Lei, General Manager of Randstad China made the business starting speech


“The 19th CPC National Congress raised higher demand for the development of human resources service industry. Jing’an District, as the only comprehensive demonstration area of modern service in Shanghai, is also the location of the first human resources service industrial park in Shanghai and even in China.” said Liu Xie, “the human resources service industry has showed a trend of fast growth. By the end of 2017, there had been 245 Human Resources institutions in the district; and from January to December, the human resources service industry realized revenue of RMB 1.387 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 24.17%.”


According to Liu Xie, in recent years, based on the general demand of building “New Benchmark of Central Urban Areas and New Highlight of Shanghai Development”, Jing’an District has speeded up efforts to carry out the development strategy of “One Axis and Three Zones”, focused on taking efforts to realize international, economic and integrative development, and maintained good momentum in terms of regional economic development. “In 2017, Jing’an District realized annual tax revenue of RMB 68.559 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 5.77%; general public budget revenue at district level of RMB 23.28 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 8.48%.” he said.


“Randstad China is the first Fortune 500 that enters Chinese Human Resources Industrial Park. Since entering, it had provided high-level and efficient human resources service for Jing’an District, Shanghai and even China, pushing forward the industrial development and talent exchange, and playing a good leading and demonstrating role in the agglomeration of human resources industries of the park. We will spare no efforts to build a better, superior and more effective business environment based on higher level and standard, in order that Randstad China Headquarters and all enterprises settled in the park can thrive, grow stronger and larger, and realize their prosperity in Jing’an District.” said Liu Xie.


Either for the demand of regional economic transformation and upgrading or enterprise development, Shanghai as well as east China is continuously releasing their demand for excellent talents. Randstad has been positively supporting Shanghai as well as surrounding cities to speed up the implementation of priority strategy of talent development and push forward the industrial development and talent exchange. It will continuously develop and introduce high-end talents around the world for cooperation and carry out in-depth big data analysis around the introduction and cultivation of Shanghai toward “international talents in scientific and technological innovation”, to provide support for relevant departments on talent strategy decisions.


The Randstad China Headquarters is situated at the hub of Jing’an District of Shanghai -- New Ideal Mansion, covering an area of more than 2,600 m2. The integration and innovation initiatives this time marks another milestone in terms of strategic layout since Randstad entered China 10 years ago, which symbolized that Randstad would certainly do better in being closer to and serving for markets of East China and Yangtze River delta region while accelerating to expand local businesses.


Zhu Qingyang, Secretary of Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association and Lou Zhengmin, Vice Chairman of Jing’an District Foreign Investment Association cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the new office together with the management group of Randstad.


At present, Randstad has branches in ten first-tier and second-tier cities of China, to comprehensively carry out the strategy of “applying advanced technologies to provide warmer services” and to strive for continuous development aiming at building a bridge between enterprises and candidates. With various high-end elites from financial, high-tech, manufacturing and fast moving consumer goods fields flocking in, Randstad would better attract excellent talents and build employer brands for famous enterprises in China.


Gao Lei, General Manager of Randstad China said, “Randstad has been committed to becoming an excellent, most innovative and transformative human resources company in the world. The strategic step of entering China derived from our confidence in Chinese market. This time the large-scale integration of the new office of our Chinese Headquarters is a great step for us to coordinate with the new declaration of our enterprise to strive for innovation. Next, Randstad will keep a foothold in Shanghai and extend our influence to the whole country, and closely cooperate with local governments and enterprises on talent strategy, big data analysis and brand globalization, so as to build a global highland of talents and economic clusters with international influence.