Traffic Police of Jing’an District Keeps Smooth Traffic around Schools in the First Day of the New Term

Released on:2018-03-09


Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) On February 23, the primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergartens in the city ushered in the first day of the new term. Traffic police division of Jing’an District dispatched hundreds of staff including traffic police officers, auxiliary police officers and traffic wardens to carry out the school protection activity, namely traffic dispersion and management on roads in front of the school gates or near the primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergartens in the city.


Shanghai International Studies University Jing’an Foreign Language High School is located at the intersection of West Beijing Road and Shimen Road No. 2. At 7:15 a.m. which was just the morning peak with a heavy traffic, seven traffic police officers were on guard at the intersection and in front of the school gate. They escorted children to cross the street safely, while reminding parents to drive their cars away quickly after sending their children to the school. The road traffic was not significantly affected by the rising flow. The traffic police division also set additional temporary parking positions on West Beijing Road to try to meet the needs of parents to send or pick up children.


Subsequently, the traffic police came to Happy Marian Xinlei Kindergarten on Jiaozhou Road to inspect the school buses. The traffic police also had a face-to-face publicity education towards the safety management leaders and drivers of the school buses to ensure safety of the children on the way to or from school. Before the new term begins, parents reported the license plate number of the bus that sends or picks up their children every day to the school and the traffic police division. In addition, the school also established a WeChat group, to carry out the centralized traffic safety education within the WeChat group jointly with the traffic police division.


According to the traffic police division, private cars are allowed to be temporarily parked at the roadside without affecting the smooth flow of traffic. By issuing letter to parents, dispersing the traffic and guiding the stream of people, the traffic police build security jointly with the students. At the same time, the first lesson of the new term was conducted to strengthen the publicity of traffic safety and enhance safety travel.


It is learnt that in the first day of the new term, the vehicles at morning peak in the whole district increased; especially the traffic flow around schools increased significantly. Under the orderly dispersion and management of the traffic police division, the road conditions basically remained normal and were steadily smooth as a whole except for traffic congestion in some conventional congestion points.