Shimen Road No. 2 Sub-district and Kaikai Group Deepen the Cooperation and Innovate the Service Mode

Released on:2018-03-11


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) “When can we buy fresh rice and noodle products, all kinds of cooked food, fresh vegetables, meat, alcohol, tobacco, snacks and other food just at the door of our houses?” In order to achieve this wish of the community residents, especially the elderly residents, and properly carry out the community commercial service work to the best satisfaction of residents, Shimen Road No. 2 Sub-district[L1] and Kaikai Group deepened the cooperation, focused the development of community business on the “food” fundamental for the life of residents, and opened the community convenience store and the third branch store in Jing’an of Shanghai Jing’an No.6 Grain and Oil Store Co., Ltd. with the service mode of “No.6 Grain and Oil + subsidiary foodstuff + cooked food”. On the eve of Lantern Festival, this small but fully-equipped community convenience store formally opened on Fengxian Road.


According to the reporter on the scene, although smaller than 100 square meters, the convenience store is neat with various categories of goods placed in different areas orderly. Granny Guo, a community resident who was having her goods weighed told the reporter that she used to feel difficult in going out for grocery shopping because of her age and this time she intentionally came here after learning that a new convenience store was opened at the gate of the housing estate where she lived. She also said that she had learned the basic conditions of the store after spending some time in the store, and that she would came here for grocery shopping from then on. The reporter has also learned that the community convenience store opens at 7 o 'clock every morning, and closes at 7 o 'clock in the evening. The 12 business hours plus the service mode of “No.6 Grain and Oil + subsidiary foodstuff + cooked food” can basically satisfy the daily life needs of residents nearby. The cooked food business not only provides on-site sales service of cooked food products, but also accepts the reservation of all kinds of business dinners to provide more dining options for the surrounding residents and white-collars working in the surrounding buildings. According to relevant staff, the convenience store also adopts the payment modes such as WeChat Payment and Alipay in order to better help with the creation of convenient, comfortable and harmonious community life environment and further meet the consumption habits of young groups. In future, the convenience store will also adjust the commodity structure according to the different needs of residents, launch distinctive types of commodities and various promotional activities in different seasons and holidays and provide heart-to-heart convenience service for community residents and white-collars in the surrounding buildings to let everybody get a real sense of "zero-distance" high-quality service, and form the "win-win" situation with both economic benefits and social benefits.


At the opening ceremony, Shimen Road No. 2 Sub-district[L2] and Kaikai Group jointly signed The Cooperation Agreement of “Community Convenience and Benefit Service Project for the Elder and the Disabled”. In the future, Kaikai Group will fully conduct livelihood projects based on the conditions of the sub-district. On the one hand, Kaikai Group will provide door-to-door goods delivery services for the elder and the disabled in the community, carry out the community convenience service, and place the grain, oil and their products, condiment, wines and drinks, snack food and hot-selling products of the season at the door of residents’ houses to provide shopping convenience for residents. On the other hand, Kaikai Group will provide voluntary service for the elder in elderly nursing homes in the sub-district, and the elder in exceptional poverty or of no family in the community, actively participate in "Sunshine Home" volunteer service of the sub-district, take care of the disadvantaged groups with special difficulties in the community and fulfill the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises of the district.

 [L1]石门二路的翻译应该为“Shimen Road No. 2”或“Shimen Road Number Two”,此处翻译没有问题,可参考上海路名翻译导则及静安英文官网。标题同样。