Jing'an District Central Hospital Wins Two Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards

Released on:2018-03-12


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) The reporter recently learnt from Jing'an District Central Hospital that at the award-giving meeting of 2017 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards held in Beijing a few days ago, a total of 24 scientific research achievements in Shanghai had been respectively awarded the first, the second and the third prizes and medical science popularization prize, and among them, Jing'an District Central Hospital were awarded two important prizes.


The project of “research, development and application of rebuilding rules of cerebral function in the brachial plexus injury and restorative process as well as transformation of the new technologies” which Jing'an District Central Hospital participated in as the second completion unit won the first prize, which is also the only project in Shanghai that won the first prize. The main contributions of the project results are the new operation methods of multiple nerve transposition for benign brain rebuilding; transcranial magnetic stimulation adjusts the cortical excitability to promote the original silent movement function area that is difficult in recovery after nerve transposition operation to reactivate; combined nervous centralis and surrounding magnetoelectric stimulation method is used to improve the bad brain rebuilding of the nervous centralis. Joint application of above methods can reconstruct hand functions. The new theory of restoration and treatment of brachial plexus injury put forward by the project team was also recorded by New England Journal of Medicine and other international authoritative medical journals. The project results are applied by multiple national committee chair units and standing committee member units of orthopedics department or hand surgery department, and famous European and American medical institutions abroad. After application of the project results, the functional recovery in patients is obviously improved and significant social benefits are achieved.


In addition, the project of “new theories, new technologies, new materials and clinical application of bone nonunion treatment” which Jing'an District Central Hospital participated in as the third completion unit won the third prize. The main contributions of the project results are as follows: putting forward the theory of “bone strength value” to innovate the treatment methods of bone nonunion; building digital bone research platform to be used in the study of mechanics and operation simulation; improving the operation strategies of refractory bone nonunion and significantly raising the cure rate; researching and developing the new biological bone grafting materials and solving the source problem of bone grafting materials of bone nonunion treatment; synthesizing a series of novel nanometer stent materials innovatively, improving the biological activity of artificial bone effectively and promoting healing of bone; developing the magnetic self- fluorescent drug carrier system and realizing the release and tracking of bone targeted drugs. The related results of the project have obtained authorization of 35 patents. The core research results of the project have won the second prize for technology progress of the Ministry of Education, and the second prize for medical science in Shanghai.