600 Trees in Jing’an Find Their “Owners”

Released on:2018-04-04


The picture shows that organizations and individuals are adopting trees.


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) March 25, 2018 Tree Adoption Event in Yanzhong Greenbelt (Jing’an Segment) was held. On the spot, relevant enterprises, institutions and residents in Jing’an District adopted 200 trees, including dawn redwood and beech.


In order to strengthen residents’ sense of responsibility to “love green, raise green, protect green”, and to integrate ecological civilization into daily life, Jing’an Afforestation Committee Office united with Jing’an Administration of Afforestation and City Appearance and Jing’an Women’s Federation to hold this event. The sum of money paid by all the participators will be used on this year’s conservation of the adopted trees. Adopters were awarded certificates by Shanghai Afforestation Committee Office, and plates were hung on the trees as a sign of adoption. Also, adopters can know the condition of the adopted trees anytime in this year.


Mr. Wang, a participator of the event, has been living close to Yanzhong Greenbelt since his childhood. He has a deep affection for this green space, and had adopted trees 6 years ago. In spare time, he often took a walk to see his trees. It’s learnt that in late March, Jing’an Afforestation Committee Office will hold spring tree adoption events in some of the parks and public green spaces, selecting over 600 trees for enterprises, institutions and residents willing to adopt trees. Besides the trees in Yanzhong Greenbelt, there are 200 trees in Gonghexin Road and Guangzhong Road Greenbelt, 100 trees in Buyecheng Greenbelt and 100 trees in Jing’an Sculpture Park for adoption.


The relevant responsible person of Jing’an Administration of Afforestation and City Appearance said that tree adoption is a cause of public good, benefiting both the contemporary and the future generations. It is hoped that more enterprises, institutions and residents can join this event to guard the green around them and to protect the environment together.