Chinese and Foreign Friends Take the Same Stage Sharing a Cultural Feast

Released on:2018-04-09


(Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang)


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing) On the morning of Mar. 25, a unique event of cultural exchanges between China and Russia unveiled Daning Community Cultural Service Day of 2018 Shanghai Citizens Art Festival. The Citizens Art Festival of this year takes “Better Culture, Better Life” as the theme and conducts activities around four main series: 40th anniversary of reform and opening, inheritance of classic Red culture, splendid Chinese traditional culture, and urban public cultural space. On the day, Daning Road Sub-District developed cultural theme activities in various angles, various layers and various forms, taking the expansion of cultural influence of Daning community as a target, working for spreading Red culture and Shanghai school culture well, trying hard to build the cultural brand of Daning and to polish its cultural “business card”.


At the site of the event in Haishang Culture Centre, there were not only Shanghai school and national art shows by community art lovers, but also wonderful performances by friends from Russia. Familiar songs like The Moon Represents My Heart and Jasmine glutted the audience’s ears while showing superb techniques of Russian actors. And Shaoxing opera From Heaven Fallen an Angle Sister Lin, dance National Style, magic shows and acrobatic shows unfolded the unique charm of Shanghai school culture and national culture. In the afternoon performance, Dong Feng, the pupil of the famous Shaoxing opera master Xu Yulan, brought a brilliant performance of the full-scale opera Jiang Jie together with her team Hongfeng Shaoxing Opera Team for the community residents. A series of classic arias as Crying in front of the Head and Farewell to Fellow Sufferers gave full play to Shaoxing opera’s lyric characteristic and won warm praise and applause from the audience.


With the steady progress of traditional culture project in Daning Road Sub-District, the number of lovers of traditional culture and national culture has also increased. The circular fan painting event held that night attracted participants in different age groups, including the old, the middle-aged and the young. In the event, tutors and students exchanged painting skills face to face, and then everyone concentrated on creating their own works. Miss Zhang, a white-collar worker, said gladly: “Various cultural activities in community are attractive. These activities help me to find inner comfort in the fast pace of life.”


It’s learnt that since the establishment of Citizens Art Festival, Daning Road Sub-District has been holding various activities throughout the year in accordance with tradition. The activities are held progressively in spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons, creating a strong atmosphere of “participating at any time, acquiring anywhere, a highlight every week, a climax every month”, providing chances of study and communication for more community residents. In addition, in order to allow more residents to enjoy high-quality public cultural services equally, “at the door” without having to go far, the sub-district opened up “the last kilometer” of public cultural services by releasing Daning Digital Library, and tried to create a scholarly atmosphere in Daning that “everyone learns and can learn anywhere and anytime”, which has gained praise from community residents.