To Prevent Rabies, Go to Dog-Bite Injury Clinics for Formal Medical Treatment

Released on:2018-04-10


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui, Correspondent Zheng Jie) In modern time, the number of people loving and raising pets is increasing. In the meantime, the number of people bit or scratched by pets also increases. The saliva of both cats and dogs contains fatal rabies virus most of the time, even for those healthy pets. Once bit by a pet, it is recommended to extrude the wound and irrigate it with a great amount of water at the scene, then go to a dog-bite injury clinic assigned by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention to get formal medical treatment. The formal treatment includes three steps: physical treatment (irrigation), chemical treatment (disinfection) and immunization (invasive injection of passive immunizing agents and application of anti-rabies vaccine).


It's worth noting that most people are aware of the injection of anti-rabies vaccine after a bite, but they tend to ignore the irrigation. Rabies virus is a kind of basophilic virus (that is to say, it can be easily killed with alkaline solution). In the case of a dog bite, the wound can be contaminated with a large amount of rabies virus. Irrigating the wound with soap water as soon as possible helps to dilute and kill the virus, and thus effectively inhibits the incidence of rabies to the lowest level. Therefore, wound irrigation is vital in preventing rabies.


The dog-bite injury clinic of Central Hospital of Zhabei in Jing’an District introduced the latest professional wound irrigating machine. The machine executes formalized irrigation through the control of water flow, water temperature, water pressure and the procedure designing of irrigating time and irrigating process. Also, the high-pressure irrigating equipment can reach deep in the wound to conduct perfusion washing, preventing infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganism entering the wound, and thus reduces the risk of infection greatly. At present, there are only three hospitals in Shanghai owning such professional wound irrigating machines in their dog-bite injury clinics. In the special supervision of this year by the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control & Prevention, the supervising experts highly praised the specialized environment, the perfect system as well as procedures for treatment and the implementation of vaccine cold chain preservation in the dog-bite injury clinic of Central Hospital of Zhabei District.