11 Shared Sports Fields Are Expected to be Added in Jing’an

Released on:2018-04-10


The sports fields are favored by fitness enthusiasts.  Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


Reporter Huang Jingjing


Taking out his cellphone, Chen Yang, who lives in Heyuanxinyuan, scanned the QR code to enter an applet on WeChat, where he searched for the field and completed the registration through recharging the account. Then he entered the field by scanning the code on the gate machine, so that the charges would be automatically deducted from the mobile client after the exercise. Every week Chen Yang has a “contest” with his several friends on the shared sports field nearby.


In July last year, the shared sports fields first originated in the city settled in Jing’an, located respectively in No.262, Xinma Road (Jiaotong Park) and No.1633, Linfen Road (Dongjiaojing Greenbelt), which have provided a brand new way of exercise for fitness enthusiasts. The reporter learned from the District Sports Bureau that, 11 shared sports fields would be added in the district this year, and the Bureau planned to establish a sports alliance for enthusiasts and carry out amateurish leagues in units of sports fields, in order to build a mass competition system among sports fields.


Nearly 20,000 were served in half a year.


Users only need to scan the QR code for ingress and egress of the shared sports fields, and the charge will be automatically counted by the hour. The sports fields are open throughout the day, with the charge of RMB 5 per hour in the daytime and RMB 8 at night, and they are open for free from 7:00 am to 10:00 am during Monday to Friday. Besides, the sports fields are also equipped with drink vending machines and intelligent ball-renting machines, all of which could realize the no-cash deal with cellphone operation only during the exercise, and thus provide convenience for more and more cellphone owners. “There is no need to take cash as long as you have taken your cellphone; you can also rent a ball by scanning, so you don’t need to take it as well.” Chen Yang said. One could also play for just several minutes if having little time. “The charge would be reasonably only several cents if you have stayed on the field for just several minutes.”


According to the responsible person of District Sports Bureau, due to the geographical distribution differences and inefficient information transmission, there was always a phenomenon of unbalanced site utilization rates. “Some fields are crowded with people, while some are almost empty.” The introduction of shared sports field can relieve such conflict effectively. The reporter opened the “Joyway Sports Field” Wechat applet, and could inquire the number of people on each sports field. Hence the user can choose to go to the field with fewer people flexibly and gain more comfortable exercise experiences.


Mao Lina, responsible person of the site management, Shanghai Jiuhui Sports Management Ltd., said that the user could establish his own “sports circle of friends” through the client. “Letting users meet more friends during the exercise apart from enjoying the exercise itself, the shared sports field becomes a social platform of young people.”


According to the data from Jiuhui Sports, since the applet went online, it has served people for more than 17,000 times in total, for which “salarymen” are the service objects. “Our platform shows that, during the period from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, when everyone gets off work, the site utilization rate is the highest, followed by the one at noon time.” Mao Lina revealed.


Retrieving lost property rapidly through real-name verification


In the past, there were hidden troubles of management on the traditional public sports field while it met the demands of citizens to exercise nearby and conveniently. For example, there were many jobless people so the situation of property lost often occurred; some fields also aroused disputes on charge problem.


The shared sports field can avoid this problem to a great extent. It was learned that, each field is equipped with intelligent remote monitoring system, through which the managerial personnel can know the situation on the field at any moment. If finding something abnormal, the managerial personnel will give a timely warning through the microphone on mobile terminal. If an exerciser has improper behaviors, he will be recorded into the blacklist, and he will never be able to enter the field no matter how many times he scans the code.


Recently, the customer service staff received a call from a user, who claimed that his child was playing ball games on the shared sports field of Jiaotong Park, and had found his clothing gone when about to leave. His cellphone was still in its pocket. The user asked the customer service staff for help to find the clothing.


The customer service staff immediately took out the video recording from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm on that day, checked the information of users entering the field that day, and called several users on the field at that time to ask whether they had wrongly taken the clothing. Soon the staff received a reply call that a user indeed had wrongly taken a coat and found a cellphone in it. After the verification, the staff confirmed that it was the lost property of that user and helped both parties to turn over it on the field the next day.


“Since the users are all verified in real name, we can trace the responsibility after the incident, reduce the conflict, and ensure the facility intact rate as well as the fitness security of citizens to the most extent.” Mao Lina told the reporter.


Promoting more sports events in the future


The Shanghai National Fitness Development Announcement 2015 shows that, at present there exists a gap between the demand of citizens in the city for sports fields and facilities and the actual supply. The survey shows that, there is an obvious demand gap in hot sports fields and facilities favored by citizens including basketball courts, badminton halls, swimming pools, and football fields.


According to the relevant responsible person of District Sports Bureau, “Formerly we had to recruit additional managerial personnel for every sports field, with a high cost but an undistinguished management effect.” But with the appearance of this management mode, the present resources have been vitalized and the management cost has been reduced. Moreover, the valuable urban sports big data can be formed through the big data platform of the enterprise.


It was learned that, among these 11 shared sports fields expected to be added this year, 4 have been already opened, which are respectively the roofing multifunctional training ground of Jing'an District Youth Amateur Sports School in No.475, Zhonghuaxin Road, the public sports field of Sanquan Community in No.604 A, Sanquan Road (in Lane 1244, Linfen Road), the public sports field of Lingshi Road Community in Lane 737, Lingshi Road, and the citizens’ court of Sculpture Park at the intersection of Shanhaiguan Road and North Chengdu Road. This year, there will all be shared sports fields in Shimen Road No.2 Sub-district, Baoshan Road Sub-district, Daning Road Sub-district and West Tianmu Road Sub-district.


“Not only for the basketball court, but in the future this model is expected to be extended to other sports fields such as those for badminton, table tennis, etc.” The District Sports Bureau stated that once this intelligent and interactive connection is formed, it can greatly promote the services of sports fields and stadiums to citizens, and make sports a lifestyle for more citizens.