The 2018 Weekly Contest of Jing’an Sports Square Is Formally Launched

Released on:2018-04-12


Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) The Weekly Contest of Jing’an Sports Square hosted by Sports Bureau of Jing’an district, all sub-district offices and township governments was opened on March 30th in Daning Tulip Park. This year, body-building performance and guidance session will be newly added into the activity items of the contest. Meanwhile, the location of the contest is also becoming more and more upscale. Places including Jing’an Park and Yueda 889 Square will help realize an organic bond of commerce and fitness.


It is said that the body-building performance and guidance session allows residents to make on-site registrations to various dancing and fitness courses so as to personally experience the stylish, energetic fitness courses. The popular activities including fixed-point shooting, fitness basketball shooting, dragon boat on the ground and interesting arrow shooting still remain available. Residents can also participate in cooperative games like playing “two dragons with one ball” and “one circle to the end” with their friends and families. Residents can take physical fitness contests they like while enjoying the fun games. Participants can take the tests either individually or cooperatively. Each activity has a pass line. If one passes it, he will get a “Passing Badge” and can exchange for the “Active Participant of the Fun Contests” award. If one gets 8 Individual Activity Participation Awards, he will be able to get the “All-participated Award”. The contest sets awards including Champion of the Week, Champion of the Season and Champion of the Year so as to give the participants an opportunity to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and the feeling of “I am the champion” just in the playgrounds around their homes.


The Weekly Sports Contest starts from March 30th and ends at the end of December. The contest is divided into spring-summer season and autumn-winter season with 16 special activities in total. This year, the event will be held in public parks and bustling commercial squares through small-scale interactive activities of various kinds, so as to attract a great number of citizens to participate in it conveniently and initiatively wherever they are. Around places including Jing’an Park and Yueda 889 Square, stages for the Weekly Sports Contest will be gradually built. Sports element will be further extended to high-end commercial areas and people’s leisure & cultural lives.