Sub-district Office of Shimen Road No.2 Attentively and Diligently Resolves the “Persistent Problem” that Worries Residents

Released on:2018-04-13


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) It is learned from the sub-district office of Shimen Road No.2 that they have been keeping trying to understand what the residents are thinking and concerning about by going deep into each residential area since the great survey was conducted and have effectively resolved a series of “troubles” in daily lives and several persistent problems of the residents.


Located in Lane 44, Wuding Road, Taihe Community is an old-fashioned, multi-storied residential area with comparatively outdated infrastructures. In Oct. 2017, the residential area successfully finished the first and second phases of the “Beautiful Home” project. The environment and the overall appearance of the area were refreshed through reconstruction. However, the two hollow manholes at the entrance of the area that could cause puddles still exist, bringing much commuting inconvenience to the residents.


In the process of conducting the great survey, residents all reported the “tiger gets in the way” to officers again so as to urge for an early settlement. With the coordination of district leaders and sub-district officers, the related department dispatched repairmen twice to do on-the-spot investigations, got residents’ advice, and thus figured out the best way to solve the problem. Prizing the sagging pavement around the manhole cover, notching the tubes deeply, building fixed frames to support the sagging ground, repaving the asphalt……Soon after, the two hollows disappeared. Seeing the pavement become flat again and water accumulation no longer a problem, the residents thumbed up to express their satisfaction since the “persistent problem” was finally resolved. “We appreciate the district officers who concern our concerns,” they said, “Now our ‘big worry’ has been blown off.”


The sub-district office of Shimen Road No.2 is committed to doing its best to resolve the persistent problems and do things of calls which have never been done by the residents themselves. The sub-district office is not confined to only resolve problems within the residential area; it also tries to do something for the whole public area of the communities. The sub-district office of Shimen Road No.2 found out that the residents who enjoyed doing exercise in the Butterfly Bay Park felt it difficult to find a toilet, so the city appearance station of the sub-district immediately reported the problem to Jing’an District Bureau of Afforestation and City Appearance and Jing’an District Flood Prevention Office for communication and negotiation. After interviewing the residents and sports lovers around, doing on-the-spot investigations, as well as discussing and proving, the office set a portable toilet in the park and appointed the City Development Group to be responsible for its daily management to ensure the toilet to be kept clean and tidy.


Recently, residents in Xinde residential area dialed “12345” citizen hotline a lot to complain that a nightclub called “Colorful Era” often opened to the midnight and caused noise nuisance. Although the neighborhood committee had visited the nightclub and communicated with the person in charge many times, the problem still remained unsolved. Therefore, the Sub-district Management Office built a platform to convene organizations including Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau, Jing’an District Bureau of Culture and the Police Station to have a conversation together through the “Inviting System of Neighborhood Committee” so as to “resolve problems together” and help blow off residents’ worries.


In the conference, the departments introduced their ways of dealing with residents’ requests respectively and expressed their positive attitudes towards resolving the problems. The departments decided to appoint the law enforcement teams of Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau and the Jing’an District Bureau of Culture to reinforce supervision, the community police to reinforce night patrol, and the neighborhood committee to make explanations to residents while investigating whether they had common requirements based on the verification of the specific case. After the conference, the participants went to “Colorful Era” to enforce laws jointly. They communicated with the person in charge, urged the corporation to reinforce management and to ensure not remaining the nightclub open overtime since they should stick to relevant regulations. They urged the nightclub to guide its customers leave there in time. Seeing the “trouble” is finally resolved, the residents expressed their support for the “Inviting System”. They were pleased that the sub-district office tried to unite other organizations to resolve the problems they meet. Officers in the neighborhood committee also said that the “Inviting System” made the relevant organizations unite their power to resolve the “urgent, difficult and worrying” problems which had negative effects on the residents together instead of absolving themselves from responsibility.