Ordering Takeaways for His 90-year-old Grandfather, The Filial Grandson from Jing’an Has a Biggest Wish of…

Released on:2018-04-14


At around 10 a.m., Cui, a 90-year-old male living in Lane 37 Yongxing Road, Jing’an District, went out early to sit on the bench in the housing estate, waiting for his takeaways for that noon. As usual, the delivery man arrived on time when 10 o’clock just passed and tore off the receipt when Cui was not paying attention to the receipt, the remarks went: “Please hand the takeaway over to my 90-year-old grandfather and tear off the receipt since we don’t want him know the cost and feel uneasy.”


Cui took the lunchbox from the delivery man and told the reporter with smile, “Seniors neighbor are all admire me for my grandson and his wife order takeaways for me everyday”


Set Alarm for Ordering Takeaways


“Grandpa used to cook lunch himself; he doesn’t care much about nutrition.” Mr. Hua and his wife have been ordering lunch takeaways for old Cui for 6 months. Mrs. Hua usually sets alarm for 10 a.m. to remind herself of ordering takeaways on time. “Every day I write the same note in order not to let grandpa see the cost and then may feel uneasy.”


As Cui’s teeth are not so good due to an old age, Mrs. Hua tries her best to choose food that are easy to chew, and dishes both include meats and vegetables to realize balanced nutrition. In addition, not only does she check the reviews of netizens before ordering, she also judges whether a shop is good enough by watching the photos it displays. Under the attentive care of Mr. Hua and his wife, Old Cui has become stronger than before.


I Know How Considerate They Are


“I know how considerate they are.” Old Cui said with sobs. Cui knows that delivery men always tear off the receipts in advance since he has seen the notes several times before. Cui feels sorry for his grandson, “I’m not the one who raises him up, but he treats me well.” Even though they are busy with their work, they often express their care towards their grandfather by phone calls. Cui held one hand up to wipe off tears, “It’s really kind of the youngsters to treat me well, but their money is not earned easily, so my heart aches when spending their money”


Warmth is Passing on Constantly


Cui is not eloquent. Mrs. Hua told the reporter that the old man sometimes hold their hands tight when the couple comes to visit him. “Our biggest wish is that grandpa can stay alive for a longer time, and then we are able to order takeaways for him forever” Mrs. Hua expressed that the things they do are not worthy of mentioning, but by doing so, they can let grandpa know that there is always someone caring about him.


In fact, Mr. Hua and his wife have met lots of kind delivery men in the past six months. Some of them chatted with Cui, and some others sent messages or made phone calls to inform Mrs. Hua that there was no need to worry since the receipt had been torn off in advance. The couple still remembers a delivery man who told them that Cui was of the same age as his father, and hence bought some juice for the old man with his own money. “We show our love and concern to our grandpa and receive warmth from many more people.” They said.