The First Performance of Concert Series for Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up Is Staged in Jing’an District

Released on:2018-04-14


(Text by Reporter Li Ying) Hosted by Radio and Television Shanghai and Jing’an District People’s Government, organized by Dragon TV, Jing’an District Bureau of Culture and SMG Art Cultural Development Foundation, the concert themed “Sing for the New Era: The Concert Series for Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up” was staged in Jing’an Sculpture Park on March 31. Over a thousand citizens enjoyed the voice of the new era which combined the beautiful spring, the wonderful Jing’an district and the grand music festival in an open space of the city. Officers including Gao Yunfei, Head of the Radio and Television Station of Shanghai, Luo Yi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, Yuan Lei, Vice President of Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Bao Yingjing, Vice Governor of Jing’an District attended the concert.


The concert used “spring” as its theme, reviewed the achievements of China’s reform and opening up in the past 40 years, showed the diversified city culture and the warmth the city has, and reproduced the Jing’an district’s beauty of art, beauty of humanity and beauty of the city through comprehensive forms of art including symphony, song-singing and recitation. The concert was divided into 3 sessions: “New Start”, “New Era”, and “New Journey”. The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra was in charge of playing musical instruments, the Philharmonic Chorus was in charge of tutti, and the music group “Voice of Power”, young and middle-aged singers including Wang Jing, Luo Yu, Li Ze, Ma Lu, Liu Xuejing, Liu Lian and Han Peng, young concert performers including Huang Mengla and Duan Aiai performed wonderful songs of different eras and styles in turn. The audience enjoyed both well-known classical music pieces including Ode to the National FlagMy Motherland and A Story of Spring, and wonderful newly-created works with the theme of Chinese Dream including Never Forget Our Original Aspiration and Setting Sail. There is one thing worth mentioning that the symphonic chorus Setting Sail, as the introductory song of the concert, was composed by Gong Tianpeng, a post-80 (born from 1980 to 1989) composer from Shanghai, and played by violinist Huang Mengla, who has won the golden prize of Paganini Competition.


The declaiming program co-performed by famous diseurs in Shanghai and the famous hosts from the Radio and Television Shanghai also made the concert more appealing. Spring, Please Stay Here by Yin Hairong and Xu Weijie stuck to the theme of “Spring”. From the spring 40 years ago, in which China’s destiny was changed, to the spring in the new era, in which China is constantly rising and people are living happy lives, the declaiming described a beautiful picture of happy life with graceful wordage. Salute the Red Sails Setting out from Shanghai by Song Huaiqiang and Cai Jinping praised the spirit of foundation of the Communist Party of China with enthusiasm by tracing the root of Shanghai’s red culture. Chinese Dream, a joint work by Ding Jianhua, Chen Shaoze, Fang Zhou and Liu Jiazhen, showed the spirit of Chinese people of all nationalities sticking to the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and being eager to fight for their dreams.