2018AW Shanghai Fashion Week Adds Fuel to the Fashion Industry

Released on:2018-04-17


Photograph by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) From April 6 to 10, 2018AW Shanghai Fashion Week - KIDS WEAR Fashion Show took place at 800 Show. During the 5-day fashion show, 20 well-known brands from home and abroad brought their new Autumn/Winter collections to catwalk to lead the new season trend in children's fashion in 2018. Some of the collections were with dazzling and eye-catching colors while other collections gave deep impression to the audiences with their flexible and diversified styles and designs. As a professional platform for launching children’s clothing, KIDS WEAR Fashion Show at Shanghai Fashion Week not only effectively formed a brand new mode of creative fashion launch, but also became a “catalyst” for the exhibition and selling of children’s clothing.


It is reported that during the 2018AW Shanghai Fashion Week, apart from the KIDS WEAR Fashion Show, 2017 International Kids Model Contest as well as aggressive and fashionable graduation season events of well-known academies of art design in Shanghai including Donghua University, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and Raffles Design Institute held in 800 Show, there are also many other fashion events held in Jing’an District, including Shanghai International Fashion Showcase (SIFS) at HKRI Taikoo Hui, Showroom Shanghai and Shanghai Fashion Weekend at Shanghai Exhibition Center, Greenevery[day] at Kerry Centre, “VVNK JANE PLUS / Various Colors” Installation Art Show at “Design Republic” and the initial show of the latest collection series jointly created by high-end women’s wear design brand VVNK JANE PLUS and Daria Zinovatnaya, a Ukrainian industrial designer who has won Red Dot Design Award 2017.


Among all the participants, Showroom Shanghai presented 99 design brands in total, 30% of which were newcomers of the show. Besides, the proportion of foreign brands in the show rose to 36% and there was an area specially set for men’s wear. On the other hand, Shanghai Fashion Weekend used diversified interactive activities including instant purchases, interactive performances, pop-up fashion stores and fashion amusement parks with “Fashion Museum—Find Spirit of Her in Fashion” as the clue, to narrow the distance between Shanghai Fashion Week and its audiences, and push the combination development of fashion and consumption into a “fashion + retail + experience” mode. Jing’an District Commission of Commerce expressed that as a partner of Shanghai Fashion Week, Jing’an District would further facilitate the advantages of commercial business prosperity and fashion vitality, try its best to drive the agglomeration of fashion events and resources, and continuously enrich Shanghai Fashion Week so as to make Jing’an District be more influential in the domain of fashion, and thus become the center of the “city of fashion” - Shanghai with international influences in an all-round way.


It is reported that the 2018AW Shanghai Fashion Week themed “Amalgamation · Origin” combined fashion with daily life, injected fresh blood to the upgrading of product, consumption and living standard of all people under the background of the new era and presented nearly 100 professional fashion shows in total. In the past 15 years, Shanghai Fashion Week has been sticking to the principle of promoting shows through exposures and stimulating the market through shows. It has transformed from an event for well-known international brands to a supporter of national original designs, from a mere platform for work launch to a bridge that connects the whole fashion industry chain. Shanghai Fashion Week combines diversified elements including collection launch, trade show, subject activity and fashion weekend to vigorously realize the win-win cooperation of various links in the value chain of fashion industry involving design, brand, trade, market, retail and human resources.