Jing’an District Shows Great Concern over the Teaching Quality of Mental Health Education

Released on:2018-04-28


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu) In order to comprehensively enhance teachers’ professional skills and teaching ability in psychology, several days ago, the Moral Education Office of Jing’an District Education Bureau hosted a 4-month (from March to June) teaching skill competition in mental health education for primary and middle schools in Jing’an District, from which certain typical teaching cases will be selected and introduced to the whole district, and some outstanding teachers will be able to take part in the 7th Shanghai Mental Health Education Classes Contest in Primary and Middle Schools.


A few days ago, the reporter watched the teaching contest held in the special classroom in Shanghai YF Vocational and Polytechnic School with the theme of student career education. More than 20 teachers specializing in mental health from different high schools (including vocational schools) took part in the contest, inwhich lots of excellent lessons were discovered for the career education of high school students. A teacher surnamed Shang at Shibei Senior High School Affiliated to Shanghai University gave a class themed Wisdom of Making Decisions, in which he used the Positive Uncertainty Theory by Gelatt and Ego Identity Theory by Erickson to lead the high school students to face their career choices with an intuitional and open heart, or make their own decisions when finding out their true selves to experience the value of self-determination while undertaking the outcomes of their own decisions. A teacher surnamed Wang at Shanghai YF Vocational and Polytechnic School gave a course themed Overcome Career Obstacles, in which he engaged students in a game called “Future Tours” and showed them videos of Craftsmen of the Nation, a documentary produced by China Central Television, so as to let them feel the craftsmanship spirits and understand that interests and tenacity are the magic keys to overcome career obstacles, and thus encourage them to diligently acquire and improve vocational skills with great effortin vocational schools to overcome bottlenecks in career development.

A psychology teacher surnamed Zou at Fenghua Middle School gave a course themed Learn from Examples of Career Development, in which he used interactive games of interest island to help students find their interests, dig deep into these interests and choose the ones that may be related to their future careers, exploring the paths between their interests and careers and reasonably mapping their own future. A teacher surnamed Qiao at Qiyi High School Affiliated to Tongji University gave a psychology course themed My Self-portrait, in which he led students to have a comprehensive understanding of their own traits, interests and specialties as well as remarks from others from the perspectives of physical self, psychological self and social self, to analyze and evaluate themselves in an all-around way, forming an objective and comprehensive cognition of themselves and mapping their own future direction of development scientifically and reasonably.