Jing’an District Accelerates the Process of Removing the 700-meter Block While Huangpu District Ensures the Connection between the Bridges and the Riverside Roads

Released on:2018-04-30


According to the overall plan of Suzhou River Environmental Comprehensive Renovation Phase 4 Project, the public areas of the riverbanks of the Suzhou River will be gradually opened up. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the officials of Jing’an District and Huangpu District that the two districts had both begun to work on the related remodeling projects. Jing’an District focuses on removing the 700-meter block while Huangpu District concentrates on ensuring the connection between the bridges and the riverside roads.


The Jing’an channel segment of Suzhou River is relatively long. From North Chengdu Road to Anyuan Road, the south bank of the river is about 1,600 meters long; from North He’nan Road to Yuanjing Road, the north bank of the river is roughly 4,700 meters long; so the whole riverbank is approximately 6,300 meters long. The blocked area along the Jing’an channel segment of Suzhou River is about 724 meters long; the Changshou Road Bridge to Yuanjing Road section at north bank of Suzhou River is a focus of the remodeling project. It is introduced that along the 724-meter channel, there are nine units, namely Guangzhao Pump Station, Unicom International Tower, Jitai Hotel, Ever Bright Town Urban Industrial Park, Suhe No.1, Anhengzhuoyue Business Hotel, Xinkezhan Pump Station, Pacific Coach Station and Greenland. Those places are separated by walls, which, along with the Changshou Road Bridge as an obstacle, contribute to relatively separated and isolated areas. Jing’an District is now accelerating the removal of these blocks. “Firstly, we are constructing a underpass under the bridge, for which Jing’an District has coordinated with Shanghai Beiheng Channel Headquarters, aiming to open the underpass under the bridge to traffic by combining the demolition and reconstruction of Changshou Road Bridge of the Beiheng Channel Project; secondly, we are going to coordinate with the nine units along the riverside to demolish the walls to open the channel of the riverside roads.” a related officer of Jing’an District said.


The opened segment of the Suzhou River in Jing’an District has some greenery landscapes along the breakwater, yet it is not a highly-recommended place for strolling, and its landscape is also not good enough. Jing’an District has been planning to open up the “Two Banks of One River” and discussing and designing a plan for building a wonderful space for promenade. With the plan, Jing’an District will push the progress of building walkways along the riverbanks of the Suzhou River and making a beautiful landscape, so as to form a multi-functional space for greening, eco-regulation, landscaping, sightseeing and stroll and offer unimpeded public riverbanks and a multi-functional waterfront space, with a view to facilitating the joint development of both sides of the Suzhou River.


The reporter learned that the promenade of the Suzhou River area, of which the building plan has been announced to the public, will be a highlight of the riverside of Jing’an channel segment of the Suzhou River. A promenade that will get through both sides of the river will be constructed in the Suzhou River area. The promenade is estimated to be 4 meters in width and 6.3 kilometers in length. Around nine places along the river, green spaces and squares will be constructed to form a lively and open riverside space covering 210,000m2 with an average distance of 300 meters to 500 meters between two adjacent places, which is an acceptable distance for traveling on foot. In addition, the new green belts in the open space will cover 42,000m2 according to the overall design.


For Huangpu District, how to deal with the relation between the 10 bridges and the riverside roads is of high priority in the project of opening up the public lines of the Suzhou River. The 3-kilometer riverside of Huangpu channel segment of the Suzhou River has been opened up in general, but there are 10 bridges in the area, especially 3 of which are outstanding structures of historic value. So how to deal with the relation between the 10 bridges and the riverside roads is of great importance to the project. Related officers in Huangpu District said that the related department of Huangpu District would develop an optimized plan that pays attention to both bridge protection and creation of traveling convenience based on the specific case of each bridge. Huangpu District is now discussing the plan for connecting the bridges and the promenade, trying its best to achieve “One Plan for One Bridge”, and to make the storytelling bridges part of the beautiful landscape of Suzhou River.