Daning Road Sub-district Hosts the “Encounter • In Spring” Blind Date Theme Event for Young White Collars

Released on:2018-05-02


Photo: Young people play interactive games (by Reporter Xiao Mingliang)


 (Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing) On the night of April10, the “Encounter · In Spring” Blind Date Theme Event for Young White Collars, sponsored by the General Union of Daning Road Sub-district and organized by Shanghai Sincere Starlight Plaza, went on in full swing. In all, 48 single young people from the buildings or companies in the parks under the jurisdiction of the sub-district participated in the event.


The sponsor elaborately set sessions such as “First Intimate Contact”, “10-minute Speed Dating”, “Apple of Your Eye” and “Romantic Encounter”. Participants could get familiar with and know more about each other fast through a series of games in a relaxing and lively atmosphere. In the key session called “10-minute Speed Dating”, female guests took their seats in order and male guests took turns to communicate with each of them for one minute. Through those efficient sessions, the event aimed to create more romantic “encounters” for the young white collars. In the team PK session, participants must coordinate their eyes, hands and minds with both skills and patience, which not only helped enhance social relations among the teammates, but also tested the collaborative skills of the whole team. What was more crucial was that every reaction and every move of the participants in the game reflected their traits and ways of dealing with people, offering “clues” for these single people to find their “sweethearts”. In the final session called “Speak out Your Love”, the sponsor encouraged male guests to bravely speak out their “confession of love” to hearted female guests.


It is learned that this is the fifth time for the General Union of Daning Road Sub-district to host the blind date theme event for young white collars. The General Union has established a platform for interaction and communication among the young white collars working in the buildings and parks under the jurisdiction of the sub-district through activities of various kinds, helping young single people step out of their offices and expand their social circles via a combination of online friendship groups and offline friendship activities. A relevant officer of the sub-district’s General Union expressed that the Union hoped to provide “targeted services” to push forward the reform of the unions of non-public enterprises to be extended to community-level unions and front-line workers to enhance further the trade unions’ attractiveness and cohesiveness among staff and workers, strengthen their sense of fulfillment and sense of identity and encourage them to contribute to the all-around construction of Jing’an District.