Recitation Studio of Caojiadu Sub-district Holds the Unveiling Ceremony

Released on:2018-05-04


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) Recently, the “Harmonious Neighborhood and Dulcet Voice” recitation studio of Caojiadu Sub-district held the unveiling ceremony; over 60 hobbyists of recitation from organs, units residing in the communities, community residents, regional party-building units and “2-new” units (non-public companies and non-governmental organizations that emerge as the socialist market economy develops) in the sub-district attended the ceremony, which is another excellent work of the cultural party lecture series of the community party school of the community party-building service center of Caojiadu Sub-district.


It is learned that lecturers of the “Harmonious Neighborhood and Dulcet Voice” recitation studio include Ding Shan, Former Director of Television Production Center of Hunan Television (Hunan TV), Zhu Yin, Presenter of Traditional Chinese Opera Radio of Shanghai East Radio Company and Zhang Huan, Voice Actress and Director of Shanghai Television Station.


Famous voice actress Zhang Huan introduced the gist of the art of recitation. She believed that except for basic skills, the most important thing for recitation was to recite sincerely based on an understanding of the author’s thoughts and feelings. On the site, she also improvised Bugle Music from the Night Barracks, a piece of prose written by Eileen Chang, a famous writer. After the unveiling ceremony, students from “2-new” units, residential areas and regional party-building units started their journey of recitation learning, and the “Harmonious Neighborhood and Dulcet Voice” recitation studio played the chord of harmony.


The sub-district hoped the foundation of the “Harmonious Neighborhood and Dulcet Voice” recitation studio could inspire community residents’ interest in language and words as well as improve their competence in using language and words and their comprehensive quality.