The Historical and Cultural Material Committee of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee Investigates the Historical Features Preservation Work of Jing’an District

Released on:2018-05-04


(Text by Reporter Yuan Wenjun) On the morning of Apr. 19, Zhao Wen, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee led a team, consisting of Ma Jianxun, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Historical and Cultural Material Committee of the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee, some other members of the Historical and Cultural Material Committee and relevant experts, to Jing’an District for an on-the-spot investigation on the historical features preservation work of Jing’an District, accompanied by An Lusheng, Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Chen Yongdi, Chairman of the CPPCC Jing’an District Committee.


Zhao Wen and her party observed and discussed during the visit. They visited the Paramount and Rong Zhai in succession, and listened to the relevant officials’ introductions to the preservation, renovation and exploitation work of their projects. Zhao Wen highly praised Jing’an District for putting impressive efforts into renovating historical buildings with so much time, care and thoughtfulness, said that the district offered the whole Shanghai a successful case to study.


In the following investigation symposium, relevant departments including Jing’an District Bureau of Culture, Jing’an District Planning and Land Administration Bureau, Jing’an District Tourist Administration and Jing’an District Housing Security and Administration Bureau reported the highlights in the combination of culture and tourism during the process of Jing’an District’s historical features preservation, the measures taken to preserve and exploit Zhangyuan Garden and Dongsiwen Lane, the promoting work for the opening of North Shaanxi Road, a famous street of history and culture, and the implementation conditions of the coordinative preservation and exploitation work for the historical buildings along Suzhou River, as well as gave some suggestions based on their specific working thoughts. The participants had a discussion centering on issues including cultural inheritance and historical features preservation of the city.


Zhao Wen applauded Jing’an District's work of strengthening historical features preservation and building a “cultural brand”. She said that culture was the soul of a city and an important part of “high-quality development and high-quality life”, so we should stick to preserving and tapping into the connotation of the city culture from a higher position according to the relevant laws to string the thread of city development.