Building a “Happy Home” for the Old in the Communities with Heart

Released on:2018-05-08


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing) Recently, the first floor of the Community Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district is particularly bustling as many old people are having their meals happily there based on the community’s new “providing meals for the old” service just launched. The service mainly aims to provide meals for the old people who have difficulty in walking, allowing them to have meals together in appointed places or to ask for home delivery service. “Since the community starts to provide food delivery service for the old, every day, I can enjoy hot, fresh meals at a reasonable price. The sub-district is really doing practical work we call for.” Xu, an 85-year-old male said excitedly.


The reporter learned from the interviews that during the great survey, Daning Road Sub-district got residents’ advice, constantly perfected the system of providing service for the old, and strove to establish a multivariate system that serves the old. The sub-district regards the community service center as its stronghold and explores new modes of serving the old. Based on Yanchang station of “Home for the Senior (people above 60)”, the sub-district aims to affect the neighborhood committees nearby. The measures it has taken include providing food service for the old people who have difficulty in walking, offering door-to-door rehabilitation training service to the elderly without self-care capacity, building exclusive database for the old, and establishing 24/7 emergency call system. By providing services that meet the needs of the old, Daning Road Sub-district has further strengthened the construction of its “home-community-organization” three-level old people-oriented service system, ensuring all old people under the jurisdiction of Daning Road Sub-district can enjoy the services for the old, and therefore truly building the elderly people-serving institution in Daning Road Sub-district into a real happy home for the old.


Food Service Improves People’s Lives


Xu, an old male living in Dayi Housing Estate has difficulty in walking due to his old age, and his children all live in the outskirt with inconvenience in taking care of him. Therefore, “what to eat today” has become the most annoying problem for him. During the great survey conducted by Daning Road Sub-district, it was found out that lots of elderly people were in the same situation as old Xu was. So, how to solve the problem of everyday meals for the old in the community so as to enable them to have fresh, delicious, safe and nutritious meals is of high priority of the sub-district.


Then, the newly improved food service for the old launched by the sub-district recently, namely food delivery service for the old became a proper solution. There are 3 places offering the service in the sub-district, locating at the first floor of the community service center at Lane 2301 of Gonghexin Road, the Yanchang Station of Daning Road Sub-district Space for the Senior (No. 65-A, Lane 1700, Gonghexin Road) and the convenience food service spot at Lane 505 of Daning Road respectively, to provide two kinds of service, namely providing venues for having meals together and providing food delivery service by specially-assigned persons.


The food spot at the first floor of the community service center also offers “healthy menus”. Based on different health conditions of the old in the community, the food spot provides set lunch A and B such as nutritious blood pressure-lowering meals and sugar-free or low-sugar meals so as to meet the needs of more old people in a multidirectional and multi-dimension way. Since the food delivery service is available to the public, a team consisting of warm-hearted delivery men has been established, who are familiar with the surroundings of Daning Road Sub-district, can offer long work hours, endure hardship, and are willing to dedicate themselves to others’ well-being. Rain or shine, they unremittingly hand the hot lunch over to the old every day.


Doing Rehabilitation Exercises Together in a Happy and Harmonious Atmosphere


A few days ago, Yanchang Station of “Home for the Senior” in Lane 1700 in Daning Road Sub-district became popular online with both the mayor of Shanghai and the secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee coming for investigation. Hearing the news, many old people came for personally experiencing the professional devices for rehabilitation and body-building. The “LOHA space”, at the entrance of Lane 1700, features “tranquility in motion”, and is equipped with rehabilitation devices fitting the old such as massage sofa that can help the old to mitigate autonomic nerve dysfunction and promote the digestion-absorption function of their intestines and stomachs while they are resting or watching TV. In addition, there are also professional instructors there to help them use the devices properly. Furthermore, the space is also equipped with professional devices including exclusive fat reducers with armrests for the old and rowing machines to meet old people’s needs of rehabilitation and body-fitting. The “Space for the Senior” opposite the Yanchang Neighborhood Committee features “motion in tranquility” and is equipped with a small-scaled book bar. Also, the place will hold health care activities fitting the old to build it a “multi-functional garden” for the old residents of Daning Road Sub-district.


“Like stepping into another home” is how old Yu Xiudi remarks the “Home for the Senior”. The old women told the reporter that in the past, she generally had no activities other than doing housework and reading newspapers with her husband at home. Since the “Home for the Senior” was constructed, she “punches in” at 9 a.m. every day on time and won’t feel board even though she spends her whole day in the “Home for the Senior”. “Not only can I do physical exercise there, chatting with others is also very enjoyable.”


While the construction of “Home for the Senior” provides a place and opportunities for exercise for many old people, some old people who lost their self-care capacity still suffer from being unable to go out to experience those facilities. Thus, Daning Road Sub-district entrusts a third party the task of popularizing the knowledge of rehabilitation to the residents of Yanchang residential area with a high relatively degree of aging, and the task of collecting the information of the half-disabled elderly and the old people who are suffering from sequela so as to provide specific door-to-door rehabilitation training service for them. This measure is widely welcomed by the residents in the communities.


Emergency Call Secures Safety


While constantly enlarging the scope of services, Daning Road Sub-district never stops exploring new and innovative modes of service and extending service connotation so as to cover all the services that benefit the old. In order to meet the diversified needs of the old, the sub-district introduced a professional third party to provide an online calling system for the old.


The service establishes a response mechanism for emergency rescue requirements by installing an intelligent remote monitoring system, and implementing back-end data monitoring and data analysis services. The emergency rescue requests submitted by the service users will be forwarded to the families or the appointed community responder immediately while the requests that are submitted unintentionally will be forwarded to them within 36 hours. In addition, the system will send the information about the users’ health conditions and related events at regular intervals so as to let the families know the conditions of the old. By making checks at all levels, the elderly people living alone have much lower possibility of encountering accidental injuries and other accidents.


A related officer of Daning Road Sub-district expressed that the sub-district is dedicated to providing meticulous services to solve the urgent needs of the old; as the hardware for serving the old getting upgraded gradually, the sub-district will strive to constantly enlarge the scope of services, expand the range of services, create new service modes and enhance service quality, so as to meet the old people’s demands for food, entertainment, learning, traveling, health care, caring and medical treatment with an all-out effort.