Time-honored Time-traveling Garden Party Themed “Join Buy Benefits Life” is Held

Released on:2018-06-03


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) From May 14 to 17, Shanghai Join Buy (Group) Co., Ltd. partnered with Shanghai Join Buy Holdings Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Join Buy Group Foods Co., Ltd. to co-sponsor the time-honored time-traveling garden party themed “Join Buy Benefits Life” on the leisure street on Wujiang Road. Time-honored and well-known brands managed by Join Buy Group including Xiqv Lao Da Fang, San Yang Sheng, Xinchangfa, Taichang, Life Fun, Ami and Join Buy Sweet Wine shared the same stage. Numerous physical objects display and interactive sessions let citizens enjoy a lively atmosphere with eating and playing and find the familiar tastes in their memories while having a new understanding of the time-honored foods.


On the spot, the reporter noticed that the time-honored time-traveling garden party of this time was no longer a sales-oriented and single-service fair. Except for selling cheap goods including foods and everyday commodities, the event also set sessions including Craftsmen Skills Display, Mass Games and Special Gifts Giving. At the stall of Shanghai Zhengzhang Laundering & Dyeing Co., Ltd., Yang Yubao, a person who was honored with titles including National Master of Vocational Skills and Craftsman of Jing’an District, was showing his superb weaving skills to citizens. The characterized square packing demonstrated by the staff of San Yang Sheng on the spot also attracted many citizens to stop and watch. With some seemingly simple steps, the scattered foods were enclosed in a red paper bag in a flash with edges and corners, which looked extremely beautiful. The fruit-made potted plants made by foods including red dates, longans, lychees and lotus seeds surprised citizens even more.


“If it’s hard to explain, then I will give you an example.” “Our meat-stuffed mooncake is far more delicious than others’.”...... At the stalls of time-honored brands including Xiqv Lao Da Fang, Xinchangfa and Life Fun, the reporter noticed that they each hanged sentences written in Shanghai dialect relevant to their flagship products, which were very interesting to read. Mrs. Chen, a citizen, just bought fresh-made Taichang western cakes. She pointed to the colored flag of the stall, reading for the reporter, “Come to enjoy the snacks familiar to our mothers in their childhoods.” Mrs. Chen told the reporter that she not only bought many time-honored foods and found the authentic taste of old Shanghai, but also took the happiness belonging to children back from Shanghai dialect.


A relevant official of Join Buy Group expressed that the purpose of them to hold the time-traveling garden party was to let the youth group to know more about the history, culture and commercial value of the time-honored brands and to further enhance the competitiveness, radiating force and influence of these brands to let them glow with new vitality and greater energy in inheritance and promotion.