Cherry Blossoms in Jing’an Sculpture Park and Daning Park Are in Full Bloom

Released on:2018-06-06



Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


(Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) In the spring of March, the breeze caresses our face; the cherry blossoms are flowering, like rose-colored cloud.


Jing’an Sculpture Park is reputed as the most decorous park in Shanghai. In recent days, early cherry blossom species in the park are in full bloom one after another. In particular, the Cerasus kanzakura ‘Oh-kanzakura’ has taken the lead to enter the best time for appreciation. On the 100m cherry blossom avenue in front of the No. 1 Gate Plaza, lots of tourists gathered together. Ms. Liu, a white collar working in Shimen Road Number Two took lots of pictures of cherry blossoms with her phone. The close shot, the long-range view and the close-up of petals all made Ms. Liu quite satisfied. She said,“It’s really a surprise for me to enjoy such nice scenery when getting out for lunch.”


The Cerasus kanzakura ‘Oh-kanzakura’ is a horticultural hybrid from the original cherry blossoms in Taiwan and Cerasus lannesiana in Japan. With the medium-sized and light red single-layered petals, it is an early spring tree species with excellent ornamental quality. The 100-meter cherry blossoms road is full of trees, echoing with the sculptures such as “Water of Life” and “Dancing • Gazing” in the park, so that tourists can gain the unique interest of the harmonization of cherry blossom and sculpture art.


Meanwhile, the Cerasus campanulata in Jing’an Daning Park is also in early puberty. The Cerasus campanulata was planted in Daning Park in 2009. About one hundred trees were mainly planted in the area along the road from the north gate of the park to the conference center. It’s learnt that Cerasus campanulata is the earliest bloomed and the most bright-colored kind among all cherry blossoms. In the late winter and early spring every year, the flower bursts into blooms and then the leaves sprout. When it’s in full bloom, the tree brims with full-blown flowers, and the flowers-leaves blooming could also be occasionally seen. The leaves in tender green and the flowers in bright colors crowd the branches to present the spring beauty.


The district’s greening department said that as the temperature rises, the bloomers in parks and green areas have successively entered their blooming period. In March, the flowering period of cherry blossoms ushered in. With the full bloom of the early cherry blossoms, people can also enjoy the plum blossom in early March. From the end of March to early April, there will be a scene in which cherry blossoms and azaleas will bloom, and in May, Chinese rose and Chinese herbaceous peony will become the heroines of the season.