22 Special Projects Are Pushed Forward to Promote the “Four Brands”

Released on:2018-06-08


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) “While aiming at the highest international standard, showing the development feature of ‘Most International, Most Shanghai-representative’ and accelerating the construction of “International Jing’an”; targeting at world-class business circles to accelerate the construction of the demonstration zone of international consumption city; targeting at the cultural landmarks of cities all around the world to accelerate the construction of the core area of the international metropolis of culture; targeting at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing to accelerate the construction of the demonstration base of the big data industry of China to take the lead in realizing high-quality development and life”. Those are the overall targets of Suggestions of Jing’an District in Promoting the “Four Brands” With All Efforts to Take the Lead in Realizing High-quality Development and Life released by Jing’an District, which aims to promote the “Four Brands”. To realize the goal, Jing’an Distirct will push forward 22 special projects targeting at promoting the “Four Brands” respectively in the next 3 years.  


Establish High-level Service Model of Jing’an District


To promote the “Shanghai Service” brand is to target at the highest international standard to accelerate the construction of “International Jing’an”. For this purpose, Jing’an District pushes forward 5 special project plans including “One Axis and Three Belts” Service Function Construction Special Project, “Global Service Provider” Special Project, “Comprehensive Reform Pilot of Service Sector in China” Special Project, Enhancing Fine Management in Urban Areas Special Project and Service Standardization Special Project. By 2020, tax income from regional service sector as a percentage to total tax income will reach over 95%, in which the contribution of professional service sector will reach over 20%, and Jing’an District will basically become an urban area with outstanding core functions, city-wide leading professional service, excellent business environment, and thorough urban service management with internationally recognized qualities.


As a central urban area with prominent advantage in service economy, Jing’an District specially pushes forward a special project called “Global Service Provider”. The project aims to improve the development level of headquarters economy by accelerating the optimization and upgrading of the headquarters economy in the district, actively introducing headquarters of global enterprises into the district, encouraging transnational enterprises to set up functional institutions including regional headquarters, investment companies and R&D centers and developing “trade-based” headquarters including procurement centers, distribution centers and marketing centers; establish brand effect of consulting agencies, and further attract professional consulting enterprises all around the world to set up regional headquarters and branches in Jing’an District to provide professional support for Shanghai service elements accessing global service networks; build internationally-oriented hub investment platforms to provide overseas headquarters with domestic market expansion service, and provide domestic transnational enterprises with international market expansion service; build nationally leading platforms for human resources service to support the development of human resources in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, China and foreign countries; converge international innovation and entrepreneurship services to accelerate the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and develop Jing’an District into a better district as the first demonstration zone of public service platform for inspection, testing and identification.


Ratio of High-end International Brand Agglomeration Will Reach Above 90%


In the next 3 years, Jing’an District will implement 5 special projects, namely the Fashion Landmark Construction Special Project, Jing’an Back Street Economy Special Project, Brand Agglomeration Special Project, Commercial Innovation Special Project, Linkage of Business, Tourism, Culture and Sports Special Project to make West Nanjing Road an internationally well-known landmark of fashion consumption and a highland for the debuts of new products. Jing’an District strives for achieving a ratio of international high-end brand agglomeration exceeding 90% by 2020, and thus become a demonstration zone of international consumption city with a collection of high-quality products enjoying great prestige in the world, a global leading position in innovation services, an excellent and comfortable consumption environment and a regulatory model in line with international standards.


West Nanjing Road will become an important support for Jing’an District to promote “Shanghai Shopping” In the oncoming 3 years, people will be able to buy and sell products all over the world in Jing’an District. Jing’an District will guide the differentiated and distinctive development of West Nanjing Road Back Street and promote commercial agglomeration featuring fashion shopping, restaurants and bars, entertainment, exhibitions and performances as well as cultural experience. In addition, Jing’an District will also leverage the public spaces along West Nanjing Road including squares and street corners to rebuild the landscapes and adjust the lines of business in the district to make the back street and the main commercial street of West Nanjing Road link with each other in space, supplement each other in function, match with each other in business types and be easy for people to access from either side.  


Take the Lead in Establishing an “Urban Area of Museums”


In order to promote the “Shanghai Culture” brand, Jing’an District will underline culture brands including red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture to be a leader of the culture innovation industry in Shanghai, and take the lead in establishing a modern public cultural service system to polish international cultural exchanges and collaborations. By 2020, the cultural innovation industry of Jing’an District as a percentage to GDP is estimated to exceed the average level of the city, and become the core area of Shanghai as an international metropolis of culture. To realize the goal, Jing’an District will aim at the highest standard and level of international metropolis of culture and put a lot of effort into 8 special projects, namely constructing the museum system of the “urban area of museums” in Jing’an District, creating literature and art works themed “Jing’an Story”, improving the agglomeration area of film and electronic sports industries within the circle, helping “Jing’an Modern Drama Valley” build the performance capital of Asia, integrating and innovating the “Intelligent Culture” big data technology and the cultural innovation industry, improving “Beauty in Jing’an” 10-minute public cultural circle, constructing “International Jing’an” hub for cultural collaboration and coordinating “Wandering in Jing’an” that combines promotes culture, tourism, business and sports. In the future, Jing’an District will progressively establish a set of museum and gallery systems covering comprehensive museums, industrial museums and private museums to take the lead in constructing an “Urban Area of Museums” integrating red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture to provide Shanghai culture brand with excellent “Jing’an Model”. Meanwhile, as the core region for early activities of the Communist Party of China, basing on 99 revolutionary relics and former sites in the whole district, Jing’an District will conduct subject courses including “The Birth of the Party and Jing’an” to make Jing’an District the core demonstration zone of the activity themed “Birthplace of the Party—The Red Journey on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the CPC”.


Form a Development Layout of “Jing’an Intelligent Manufacturing”


In the next 3 years, Jing’an District will focus on Shibei Park, take advantage of the resource advantages of Shanghai Big Data Center and Big Data Exchange Center to accelerate the gathering of resources of the big data industry and relevant projects. By 2020, the output value of industries including big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence is expected to exceed RMB 50 billion, over 200 innovative enterprises related to big data will gather in Jing’an District and 100 products and projects relating to big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology application will be promoted, thus basically forming the “Jing’an Intelligent Manufacturing” development layout featuring industry integration with obvious agglomerative effect, deep innovation application, outstanding brand effect and perfect functional system, to provide Shanghai with strong support for building a global manufacturing base of excellence.  


In the “Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the ‘Made in Shanghai’ Brand With All Efforts”, Jing’an District proposes to link the development strategies of “Made in China 2025” and “Made in Shanghai” together to accelerate the implementation of the 4 special projects, namely construction of the demonstration base for new-type industrialized industries, the construction of experimental zone for urban management and social governance, the construction of excellent and internationalized Shibei park of big data and the construction of international vitality area for innovation and entrepreneurship to create a batch of internationally competitive enterprises, industries and product brands to promote the international influence of “Jing’an Intelligent Manufacturing” in global value chain, industrial chain and innovative chain.