Daning Music Plaza Actively Builds a “Scientific Business Circle”

Released on:2018-06-12


(Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) In the three days from June 1 to 3, Daning Music Plaza invited professors from Shanghai Natural History Museum to bring people three natural science experience classes, namely Interesting Plant Rubbing, Paradise For Spore Creatures and Nest Workshop to popularize scientific knowledge and cultivate the youth’s awareness of loving the nature and protecting the nature with the combination of multimedia video play and on-site teaching demonstration, which attracted lots of parent-children families to participate in.


On June 1 at the activity site of Interesting Plant Rubbing, the reporter saw tutors from the Natural History Museum introduce knowledge including growth process of the plants and plant morphology to the children and parents participating in the activity, and instruct them in completing beautiful plant “paintings” personally: lay the green leaves and pink petals on the canvas, and “paint” colorful works by tapping. “Little Artists” were busy having fun with the activity. Finally, everyone completed a rubbing they were satisfied with, some of which were abstract while others tended to be realistic.


It is introduced that as the shopping center in the city-level Daning Commercial Center, Daning Music Plaza has been actively building “artistic business circle”, “scientific business circle” and “smart business circle”, and promoting the materialization of culture innovation projects in the commercial center through featured activities since its opening with the theme of “Culture, Art, Love and Green Ecology”. This time, Daning Music Plaza partnered with Shanghai Natural History Museum and introduced the high-quality brand project of the Natural History Museum called “Room of Nature and Play”. During the International Children’s Day (June 1), every afternoon, the project brought parent-children families coming to the shopping mall a science class combining teaching with lively activities. Besides the Interesting Plant Rubbing, there were also Paradise For Spore Creatures — an activity in which the participants observed various spore creatures including mushrooms, mosses and ferns and sketched coloring cards to know more about the spore family and understand the diversity of their forms. With the experience of establishing their own “paradise for spore creatures” by using DIY materials, the artistic creativity and ability to coordinate hands and brains of the participants were cultivated; and Nest Workshop—an activity in which the participants appreciated the strange nests in the world to know the types and functions of the nests. In the process of making “nests” by various materials, the creativity and awareness of protecting birds of the participants were cultivated. The colorful science experience activities received overwhelming positive remarks from the parent-children families participating in the activities.


The reporter learned from the interview that since opening, Shanghai Natural History Museum has been simultaneously planning the education system and developing courseware, gradually forming a five-in-one science education system combining “exhibition education + extended education + online education” and “audience research + talent training” with actual practice. Since opening, the museum has established over 10 education project brands and over 100 pieces of courseware, conducted 28000 education activities with 468000 people participated in, basically forming a lively layout of “supporting quality education with specialty courses of the museum, inspiring passion for research by subject experience activities and share new scientific knowledge by deriving exhibition education resources.” From now on, Daning Music Plaza will cooperate with Shanghai Natural History Museum in more long-term projects, implementing the promotion work of “Science Popularization in the Business Circle” and strive for becoming a model shopping mall of the Jing’an District Science Education Innovation Project, letting more children feel the infinite charm of nature, knowledge, and innovation at Daning Music Plaza.