Be a “Observant and Conscientious Person” of the Community to Make the Environment Cleaner, and the Home More Beautiful

Released on:2018-06-14



(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/ Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) Recently, a smart recycling bin called “Don’t Throw It Away” appeared in Yindu Yicun Community, residential areas at Lane 1015, Sanquan Road, Pengpu Xincun Sub-district. “With this machine, residents can put clothes, plastic bottles, wastepaper and waste small-scale electric appliances into the smart recycling bin at any time to get corresponding credits and exchange the credits for gifts of various kinds, while the items in the bin are recycled personally and treated environmentally by professional waste disposal companies on a regular basis.” An official of Pengpu Xincun Sub-district introduced that putting the smart recycling bin into use will solve the environmental pollution issue caused by residents littering wastes of various kinds casually and the safety risk of the door-to-door waste recycling service provided by undocumented and non-licensed vendors, advocating waste sorting from communities to make the environment cleaner and the home more beautiful.


On the site, the reporter saw that the 2-meter-high and 5-meter-wide smart recycling bin had four exclusive recycling entrances for old clothes, waste mobile phones, beverage bottles and old newspapers respectively. There was also a device similar to a vending machine on the left side of the bin, where layers of beverages and snacks were displayed in the transparent display case. Residents could put wastes into the smart recycling bin to exchange them for corresponding credits, and exchange the credits for various items in the vending machine.


“I’ve experienced it with a bundle of old newspapers several days ago, and it’s quite easy to use. So I cleared up some old clothes of my families and bring them here today.” Aunt Zhang, a resident living in Yindu Yicun Community took out her mobile phone and opened WeChat deftly, scanned the QR code under the entrance for “old clothes recycling”, and put four old winter coats into the box one after another after the box door was opened. After finishing this, Aunt Zhang spent the newly-earned 2500 credits in her account in exchange for a bottle of beverage valuing RMB 2.5 for her grandson. “As long as you are observant and conscientious and take the wastes from your home, the wastes can be easily turned into something useful, which is environment-friendly and meaningful.” Aunt Zhang extolled the new-type recycling bin in the community.


Mr. Wang, a resident, expressed that it was actually a change in the way of life. In the past, people may throw the empty plastic bottles away casually, but now they will collect them up and eventually exchange them for beverages or mineral water, which is an easy and beneficial thing to do.


It is learned that putting the smart recycling bin into use is a new pilot measure for smart waste sorting and recycling conducted by the residential area at Lane 1015, Sanquan Road in Yindu Yicun Community with the great support from Pengpu Xincun Sub-district and Shanghai Jiaotou Renewable Resource Management Co., Ltd.


Li Feng, Secretary of the CPC General Branch of the Residential Area expressed that as the major community for promoting waste sorting in the sub-district, the residential area at Lane 1015, Sanquan Road took the lead in covering waste sorting in three communities under the jurisdiction of the sub-district. By now, the total credits generated in the green accounts by the residents participating in waste sorting have reached over 2.5 million. Therefore, this year, in order to better promote waste sorting, the smart sorting and recycling bin “starts working”. The bin received positive remarks from the residents within a week after it was piloted. “Now the bin can receive wastes almost daily, and lots of residents have exchanged wastes for beverages and mineral water.” Li Feng introduced.


An official of Pengpu Xincun Sub-district also expressed that the work of sorting household waste was actually being done by scavengers in the communities and waste recycling companies around, but all passively. Now, with the smart recycling bin, citizens will have the opportunity to take the initiative in sending the recyclable wastes into the renewable resource leverage system. “Using the smart sorting and recycling bin is also a way to motivate the residents to sort wastes, and the bin will be promoted into the whole sub-district step by step.” It is learned that at present, there are four such smart recycling bins in Pengpu Xincun Sub-district, which are located at Yindu Yicun Community, Pingshun Community, Gongkang Sicun Community and the community at Lane 935, Wenxi Road.