400 Warm Rice Dumplings Are Sent to the Elderly in the Communities

Released on:2018-06-24


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin and Reporter Li Ying/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) Recently, many sub-districts held events to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, letting the elderly have a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


On the afternoon of June 13, Haiyuan Residential Area of Jing’an Temple Sub-district invited community residents and the employees from the co-construction unit -- Shanghai Hotel to participate in the rice-dumpling-making event themed “The Aroma of Rice Dumplings Leaves Makes a Warm Dragon Boat Festival” together.


In order to ensure the quality and the “appearances” of the rice dumplings, participants earnestly washed every rice dumpling leave clean together. The preparing sessions of making rice dumplings including stirring the glutinous rice and fresh meat were all done methodically fast with the common effort of the participants. Seeing many youngsters holding the rice dumpling leaves in hands, looking at the materials at a loss, not knowing how to make the rice dumplings, rice-dumpling-making talents and “veterans” in the residential area made several rice dumplings with “good appearances” for demonstration while explaining the keys and steps of making rice dumplings to them. Afterwards, the “veterans” also taught the participants hand in hand how to make rice dumplings step by step. Soon after, triangle rice dumplings, small-feet rice dumplings, tiger-head rice dumplings and ox-horned rice dumplings with good appearances were completed. An employee of Shanghai Hotel surnamed Li told the reporter that it was the first time that he tried to make rice dumplings, and though the appearances of the rice dumplings were not satisfying, he still felt very happy. Li planned to make some rice dumplings at home for his parents to taste during this Dragon Boat Festival.


The reporter also learned that the 400 meat rice dumplings and adzuki bean rice dumplings made in the event would be sent to the old and lonely people and the elderly living alone in the community for tasting after boiled by Shanghai Hotel, wishing the elderly a happy Dragon Boat Festival and expressing the deep concerns from the community to them.


On June 11, Baoshan Road Sub-district and Zhabei No.3 Central Primary School in Jing’an District held an event together themed “Experience the Dragon Boat Festival, Inherit the Civilization” to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. After the event was started, performances including Shanghai dialect rap and Shanghai opera performed by students were presented first. Hearing the familiar vocals and watching the excellent performances, the elderly smiled happily and gave rapturous applause to the performers. Afterwards, Doctor Jia from Ley’s introduced the custom of wearing sachets at Dragon Boat Festival to the audiences and taught them how to make one. Since the students seldom do needlework, they seemed clumsy when making the sachets; and the elderly patiently taught the students the sewing methods and the stitches needed hand by hand, forming a warm scene.


After the sachets were made, the elderly and the students held their own works in hands and took photos as mementos. The students also wished the elderly living alone a happy Dragon Boat Festival and expressed their solicitudes. A student surnamed Zhang expressed that through the event today, he not only had a good time with the grandpas and grandmas living alone, but also learned some handcraft knowledge and many rules of life from them, which made him feel very happy. On the other hand, the elderly expressed that being with the children made them feel as if they had returned to their happy childhoods.


It is learned that all neighborhood committees of the sub-district also conducted Dragon Boat Festival activities. Some engaged participants in making rice dumplings, rose water and round fans and sent the finished works to the old and lonely people and the empty nesters living alone in the communities, letting them have a happy Dragon Boat Festival.