New Retail Covering 800,000 Families in Shanghai, RT-Mart Completes Large-scale Transformation

Released on:2018-06-27


In less than 6 months after the investment from Alibaba Group, the most large-scale level up campaign of RT-Mart in new retail area achieved its first success. Until yesterday, 100 RT-Mart stores all over China have accomplished new retail transformation, and fully attended Tmall 6.18 Ideal Life Carnival. By the end of this year, a total of nearly 400 RT-Mart stores all over the country will successively accomplish new retail transformation, to gain the capacity of online operation.


RT-Mart stores that have accomplished new retail transformation are located in first-tier, second tier and third-tier cities in all areas of the country, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenyang, Harbin, Changsha, Foshan and Yangzhou. As of June 11, there are already 41 new retail RT-Mart stores in Yangtze River Delta area (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui), ranking first in China, in which the 8 stores in Shanghai have already accomplished the transformation and are ready to serve 2.4 million people in 800,000 families with “Arriving within 1 Hour” service.


Yesterday, the reporter went to Shanghai Zhabei RT-Mart Store, which is the first to accomplish transformation, to conduct actual survey. It was found that the “New RT-Mart” seem to become another Freshhema. For example, RT-Mart and Freshhema have established cooperation in supply chain, and the “Every Day Fresh” brand of Freshhema is supplying meats, vegetables, eggs, milk and “Fresh King” series frozen food for RT-Mart to sell in their stores in Huadong Region.


Meanwhile, RT-Mart introduced the hanging chain delivery system of Freshhema, shared its ability of logistics order acceptance, utilized digital store operation and management system, and set up a link in the top page of Taobao mobile application. Thus, users living within 3 kilometers of any RT-Mart store can enjoy the service of the same class with residents of “Freshhema District House” by using Taobao application – for most of the products sold in RT-Mart, if the purchase amount reaches RMB 29, the “Delivered within 1 Hour Free of Freight” service can be provided.


Then, what is the difference between RT-Mart and Freshhema? According to Yuan Bin, COO of RT-Mart new retail, RT-Mart has a greater variety of goods than Freshhema. Freshhema concentrates on “three meals in a day” to provide around 10,000 kinds of commodities, but RT-Mart makes efforts in “buying all in one stop” with around 30,000 kinds of commodities provided. Also, though RT-Mart and Freshhema both serve customers within 3 kilometers, the covered areas of the stores hardly overlap. Thus, the two brands “compete little and cooperate a lot”. It is reported that after new retail transformation, the online orders of Zhabei Store can reach a maximum of 5,000 a day, which increases the area efficiency by 30% totally.