Chinese Version of Immersive Theatre Alice’s Adventures Underground Will Have Its Premiere of Asia Tour in Jing’an this July

Released on:2018-06-28


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) After two years’ careful preparation, Chinese version of the fashionable large-scale Immersive Theatre throughout London called Alice’s Adventures Underground will have its show in Shanghai, the first station of its Asia Tour, in Daning Little Manor, Jing’an District late July. This is the start of the drama’s Asia Tour. To make sure that audience have the best experience, only 56 audiences are accepted every time. This information is leant by the reporter in the press conference for the premiere of Chinese version of Alice’s Adventures Underground in Shanghai on June 14.


As one of the representative art project co-produced by China and UK that was signed in The 5th Meeting of the China-UK High-Level People-to-People Dialogue, and also as the first Immersive Theatre suitable for all ages that is introduced from the UK, Alice’s Adventures Underground is co-produced by top class staff from both countries. The space in Daning Little Manor covering over 4,000 square meters would be revivified into a fantastic dreamland of Alice closest to the original work by the two staff teams. Also, strongly supported by the government of Jing’an District, the introduction of the project is going to be another bold attempt of Jing’an District in the construction of a “Drama for All” city space.


In the Chinese version of Alice’s Adventures Underground, the staff from China and UK coordinated with a famous international architecture and interior design company. Over 30 unique spaces were designed for every scene to be shown in different places. The classic scenes in original novel, like the size changing of Alice, the birthday party without a birthday, the dazzling rabbit-hole, the mysterious Caterpillar, the grinning Cheshire cat, the severe Queen of Heart and the unusual afternoon tea party, will all be reproduced in reality for the audience to participate in. In addition to the excellent set and immersive experience, audience will participate in Alice’s fantasy through different well-designed routes. By choosing from “EAT ME” and “DRINK ME”, audience will be separated into two totally different routes to experience two magical journeys featuring “grow smaller” or “grow larger”. Also, distributed into “Spade, Heart, Clover and Diamond”, they will experience the “choice of destiny” for dissimilar stories. Chances for individually interacting with actors and accepting mysterious missions are also provided. After all these experiences, audience will get together again in the last scene with all the actors, and the whole show will end there.


To suit audience of all ages, the Chinese version of Alice’s Adventures Underground has two editions of drama: Fashion Show and Family Show. In Fashion Show, the effects express a more mysterious atmosphere, which is suitable for adventurers over 16 years old. And in Family Show, the set is brighter and more colorful with main characters of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There all showing up, which is suitable for brave adventurers between 4 and 15 years old together with their family. Little adventurers can also enter the backyard of Queen of Heart to meet the citizens of the wonderland.


Xie Yi, the producer and copyright importer of the Chinese version of Alice’s Adventures Underground drama, expressed on the press conference that the show of Chinese version includes a totally new representation and interpretation of the classic English literary work after over 150 years of its publication. The audience can run together with Mr. Rabbit in the fantastic world of wonderland. New forms of expression, creative routes in the drama and diverse utilization of space will make Alice’s Adventures Underground the most popular entertainment in all dramas this summer.


Alice’s Adventures Underground is an Immersive Theatre adapted from the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The original drama in Britain was put on the stage in 2015 and 2017 in an underground theater transformed from a bomb shelter in London, and the theater was full all the time. In 2016, the drama was nominated as “Best Entertainment and Family” in Laurence Olivier Award, and led the trend of Immersive Theatre in London. The Immersive Theatre popular in Europe and America in the recent decade has changed the “actors on the stage, audience in the auditorium” form of traditional drama. In Immersive Theatre, actors move a lot in the whole performing area, and audience can enjoy drama more freely by also moving in the performing area, participating in the drama, and interacting with actors closely, to personally go through a “real room escape” and acquire unique experience.