Shimen Road No.2 Sub-district Experiences the Dragon Boat Festival Customs to Strengthen the Neighborhood Relationship

Released on:2018-06-29


(Text by Reporter Xing Beilin/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the morning of June 16, a cultural event series of Shimen Road No.2 Sub-district themed “Our Festival • the Dragon Boat Festival” was unveiled at the Community Cultural Activity Center. Centering on the theme of “Inherit the Customs of Dragon Boat Festival and Strengthen the Neighborhood Relationship”, the event elaborately designed a series of activities. Over 600 community residents and white collars working in the buildings under the jurisdiction of the sub-district experienced multiple traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival on the site.


As soon as the residents participating in the event walked into the activity site, volunteers from Hanweiyang Traditional Culture Promotion Center tied a five-colored rope for each of them. The volunteers told the reporter that tying the five-colored ropes, was a traditional custom of the Dragon Boat Festival like drawing cinnabar mole and spreading realgar, aiming to ward off diseases, to fend off evil spirits, and to wish people good health.


Through the original time-fitting festival drama Find the Dragon Boat Festival, Hanweiyang Traditional Culture Promotion Center also narrated the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and the culture behind the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival including driving the five poisonous creatures away and sailing the dragon boat for the residents to lead them to deeply understand the cultural origins, humane backgrounds and spiritual essences of the Dragon Boat Festival through a complete plot. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival-themed programs excellently performed by the performers including Qufucius Asks the Rules of Etiquette, a sketch comedy pursuing the inner spiritual essence and cultural connotation of the worship towards Qu Yuan, and The Dragon Boat Asks the Essence of Crossing, a dance revealing the essence of the dragon boat as a boat used in the summer ceremony aiming to ward off diseases and to fend off evil spirits, letting the audiences trace the origin of the festival, rebuild the recognition of the traditional time-fitting festival, perceive the quality of the ancestors, inherit the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival, and understand the real connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival culture while enjoying a visual and aural feast. During the event, participants read ancient poems to learn the ancient etiquette, guessed the riddles related to the customs and situations of the Dragon Boat Festival, sailed dryland dragon boats, and shot the five poisonous creatures with darts... The venues of each activity were filled with joyous laughter.


A relevant official of Shimen Road No.2 Sub-district expressed that the Dragon Boat Festival cultural event series this time aimed to give full play to the unique advantage of the traditional festival activities of the Chinese nation in promoting the core socialist values, to strengthen the ideological edification and cultural education functions of the traditional festivals, to better inherit and promote the traditional festival culture of the Chinese nation, to enable the community residents to enjoy the benefits of cultural development themed “Beautiful Home • the Neighborhood of Shimen Road No.2 Sub-district” at close quarters, and to strengthen the residents’ love towards the home and the community.