Today, Xu Kuangdi Donates the Most Profound Amount of Money to Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School, and the Former Mayor of Over Eighty Years Old Is Still Busy

Released on:2018-07-06


Recently, Xu Kuangdi, Former Mayor of Shanghai is very busy.


At the Academicians’ Conference of Chinese Academy of Engineering on May 30, the top prize in China's engineering science and technology world—Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award was presented. Xu Kuangdi, Former Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering won the most valued Achievement Award of the 12th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award.


To present the award to old Xu is inarguably to fulfill the public desire. In the nomination session earlier, the 9 faculties affiliated to Chinese Academy of Engineering all nominated Xu Kuangdi as the candidate of the award.


Soon after he won the award, Xu Kuangdi made an unexpected but reasonable decision that is to donate all the prize money, as much as RMB 1 million, of the Achievement Award, the top prize in Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award!


Academician Xu Kuangdi and his wife decided to donate all of the prize money to Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School on knowing the news.


The school has subtle connection with Xu Kuangdi—Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School is a public district-affiliated elite middle school free of charge invested and established by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee and the former People’s Government of Zhabei District under the initiative of Xu Kuangdi in his tenure. 


“It is the most profound prize money we have ever received. How should we use it?” At the donation ceremony of Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School on June 25, Academician Xu Kuangdi said, “We think that we should support education, for the talents needed for the development of China are all cultivated by teachers. I decide to support Jiulong Model Middle School since Confucius once said that everyone had the right to be educated. Education is the foundation for everyone to grow to be a talent.” It Was Not the First Time that Xu Kuangdi Donated Money to Jiulong


“Jiulong is a tree, and the students are the lush leaves absorbing nutrition and growing upward. The teachers are the strong trunk imparting skills and knowledge. As for Xu Kuangdi, together with many other people, he plants the seed of love and nurtures the tree carefully in wind and rain.” Every day, when going to and leaving the school, Wu Cencen, a student in Class 3, Grade 11, always walks past the name of the school inscribed by Xu. In addition, she has also learned the words he once said, “We should provide the children from poorer families with the equal opportunity to receive education.” 


Since the school’s foundation in 2001, even though Academician Xu Kuangdi lives in Beijing and has lots of work to do, he and his wife still support the development of the school. For seven consecutive years, he kept donating his academician allowance to the school, and the couple’s remuneration for giving lectures in foreign countries and their remuneration for publishing books to the school fund, and the total amount of their donation has reached over RMB 600 thousand.


Meanwhile, Xu Kuangdi never stops concerning about the condition of Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School. The reporter from Jiefang Daily • Shanghai Observer noticed that on September 19, 2017, Xu Kuangdi and his wife, Xu Luoping specially wrote a letter of congratulations to all of the teachers and students of Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School.


Xu Kuangdi wrote on the letter as such, “Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School regards cultivating model students with ‘comprehensive quality, sound personality, solid academic foundation and a heart of dedication’ as its goal, actively exploring and being brave to innovate. The working direction the school has chosen is right, the achievements it has made are laudable, and the experience it has accumulated is precious. I hope that you will summarize the experience earnestly, be modest and patient, build on past achievements and make new progress, thus rewarding the expectation of the nation and the people with greater achievements.”


A Letter of Congratulations from Xu Kuangdi and Xu Luoping


“I’m really touched that the school is doing so well.” Xu Kuangdi said. In recent years, under its school motto of “letting every student become a model citizen”, Jiulong has made great achievements in cultivating people. In 2017, 100% of the students of the school were enrolled in undergraduate universities following the national college entrance exam, and more than 52% of the students gained a test score exceeding the comprehensive enrollment lines of high-level universities. It is more worthy of mentioning that according to the latest data of May 2018, over the last five years, a total of 394 senior high students of the school participated in volunteer services, with a total service time of 41,227.5 credit hours and commendations received of 24 times. Growing in the love of the whole society, generations of students return the favor by doing small things. Love is the most beautiful inheritance of the school.


“Aim for the Highest Place”


Students of Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School Are Putting on Performances


In the assembly hall where the donation ceremony was held, wearing bright red scarves on their necks, Xu Kuangdi and his wife Xu Luoping sat in the fifth line, among the children.

“The speeches of the preceding leaders have expressed all what I want to say,” Xu Kuangdi smiled when making his speech on the stage, “I hope you can remember the education you received in the school and regard it as the motivation pushing you forward in your future lives.” He also shared a couplet he saw at the hillside of the West Mountain in Yunnan with the students—Aim for the highest place, and never forget there are lots of people walking ahead.

“I hope all of you, no matter you become a doctor or an engineer in the future, can live up to the highest standard with utmost efforts in your fields, never be satisfied, never stop going forward, and thus become the assets to the nation’s development.” He spoke from the bottom of his heart, “Both I and teacher Xu are over 80 years old, and we will try to meet our ‘first century’ and witness China’s fully becoming a moderately prosperous society, but we have no confidence and courage to meet our ‘second century’ for that would be 2049. However, I believe that all of you sitting here will definitely become the participants and witnesses of the ‘second century’ and strive for the great national rejuvenation of China.”


With an Age of Over Eighty, Xu Kuangdi Still Never Stops


Although Xu Kuangdi is more than eighty years old, he is still pouring out his wisdom to the development of the country. As the team leader of the Expert Advisory Committee of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Coordinated Development, he is studying the plan work of Xiong'an New Area with an advanced concept. As the former mayor of Shanghai, he admitted, “Not paying enough attention to the young entrepreneurs is the issue we left that time. Now we must attract more innovators and entrepreneurs to Shanghai to give play to their abilities.”


Academician Xu Kuangdi has been interviewed by Jiefang Daily • Shanghai Observer for many times. When talking about the days when he was working as Mayor of Shanghai, Xu Kuangdi expressed that the greatest fact making him glad is that “Shanghai has gradually become a city of global clout and a place that everyone wants to work and live in.”


“At that time, the workers lost their jobs, the traffic was congested, the housing problem was severe, the infrastructure was lagged behind, and the state-owned enterprises had no competitiveness. But by the time when I left Shanghai, the Shanghainese had already become proud of Shanghai, which indicated that the quality of the city was enhancing. That cannot be judged by that how many buildings were built as this was not the main point.”


Nowadays, Shanghai is constructing Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Scientific Center, and the construction of the first big science facility in Zhangjiang—Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility is decided by Xu Kuangdi in his tenure as the mayor. From being proposed to being approved, the project lasted for a long period. The biggest controversy was that would the device in which over RMB 10 billion were to be invested have enough users? Later, it was proved by the fact that the judgment of Xu Kuangdi and his supporters is right. After the ray stations of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility began its operation, “the demand outstripped the supply” in a short time. At present, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility Phrase 2 Project is under construction.

Xu Kuangdi is also a far-sighted strategic scientist.


Throughout the period of his tenure as Head of Chinese Academy of Engineering, he attached great importance to the decision consultation work and led the team to finish the consultation projects involving advanced manufacturing industry, China’s urbanization, and the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In Study on the Strategy of the New-type Urbanization of China, Chinese Academy of Engineering proposed the concept of “people-oriented urbanization”, which received high recognition from the central leaders. As a reference to the 2015 National Urbanization Work Conference, the report was distributed to each of the provincial-level and ministerial-level leaders.


Once on June 4, 2004, Xu Kuangdi, Head of Chinese Academy of Engineering, presented the certificates to the newly-elected academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Released by Xinhua News Agency


In 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the grand strategic goal of the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Xu Kuangdi became Head of the Expert Advisory Committee of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Coordinated Development. He led the team to study the functional position and development goals of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and discussed and demonstrated the feasibility of constructing Xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province. For the “strategy crucial for a millennium to come” of the nation, the strategic scientist has organized domestic and foreign experts to discuss and demonstrate the overall planning of Xiong'an New Area for tens of times. At present, the construction of the new area is steadily progressing.